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The desert is an iconic part of Dubai. It is explored in luxury using a vintage with an open or a closed roof Land Rover. You get the chance to wear the traditional scarf around the head called Keffiyeh in Arabic. Driving the vintage in the desert is admirable. Moreover, being able to sit back, relax and enjoy the fantastic view of the desert gives joy to the heart. It is possible to see some gazelle and Arabian Oryx otherwise also known as Amaha. Surprisingly most people do not realize how beautiful the desert is. The site of sand dunes loosely formed by the wind that is raw and so natural, that you'll love it with the hot and humid air. One of the best things to do in Dubai is sand bashing which means driving at increasing and decreasing speeds over the dunes. Fear and car sickness affected me in the desert, but that was nothing compared to the fantastic experience I had during the time I stayed in the desert.

The other incredible experience in the desert is an opportunity to ride on the camel. This moment feels the heart with love and joy for this desert beast. The visit of the desert is in most cases crowned with a dinner camp that has a variety of little stations where you can go around and learn a few different traditions that are out in Dubai. The traditional meal is most frequently served, and it is called Ouzi. This delicacy mainly consists of vegetable rice, some lamb, camel meat, yogurt and chicken kabob; it is tasty that you might go back for more. Be mesmerized by Arabic folk dancing and the music as you munch. You could even try drinking the delicious camel milk which has several health benefits towards humans. Nowadays, it is common that men would do henna while traditionally, it was only women that would do henna.

The experience of visiting the desert in Dubai is one that can never escape the human mind forever. The extreme temperatures during the day and night, profuse sweating and severe thirst for water make the visit both tiresome and one that is permanently engraved in mind. It is interesting to be served with dessert in a place that does not seem to support any form of life. You would be surprised by the sweetness of the fruits served especially the dates which are revered the most. Your mind will be pricked to remember some of the stories that were read in the history books like the stories about the Arabian ways of life. You would love being in the desert of Dubai because of the beautiful sites. These sites will not only capture the mind but will also make you fall in love with the life around these parts of the world. A walk though Abudhabi city, the walking food tour or the traditional Dubai City will be the best tour experience ever witnessed. The best lesson that would result from this trip concerns your survival especially in a place so hot and beautiful. The best thing about this tour is that you would appreciate humanity and appreciate the life you live. Moreover, you would give thanks to the provision given to you by the creator.

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