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Great Barriers Reef is an Australian stretch of the coastline. It is the most impressive and attractive structure in Queensland. It contains many individual coral reefs and continental islands. The Whitsundays comprises of 74 tropical islands. It includes iconic Whitehaven beaches which are attractive to the tourists. There are coral reefs in the shallow waters with clear visibility. Travel and tourism segment in the great Barrier reefs is lucrative. This is due to the need to move people from different places. In this case, shipping services can be provided.

The Whitsundays is a vast tourist destination. It includes Hamilton and Daydream Island. Therefore travel tourism is necessary. Transport within the islands is possible through air or boat transfers. The visitors travel widely within the Whitsundays to visit the marine habitats. The mangroves and the sea grass are far from the Airlie beach. They offer luxurious sceneries to the international and domestic tourists.

The travel and tourism business has vast economic importance to the resident of Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef. They create jobs for the locals. Many people are employed to ride the boats to various destinations. Other people are used to offering services in the airline. As a result of the travel tourism Hotel services and beach, instructors are required. All these open up the market for economic empowerment

Australia is a politically stable country. This attracts consumers of tourism services internationally. People prefer tourist destinations that are free of any up political evils. Their climatic conditions are favorable to many people hence attractive. Australia is perceived as an internationally friendly country. It accommodates different people with diverse culture from all walks of life. It's beautiful mangrove sceneries are attractive to the tourists. The legal requirements are tourist friendly in Australia. The government favors tourists on holidays and holds the travel agent liable for failing to advise their clients.

The business is positively responding to the various factors that are influencing tourism. Australia being a politically peaceful nation attracts international tourists at all times. The tourist friendly laws attract visitors as they feel free of any harassment by the law enforcement agencies. All these factors have led to the growth of tourism and hospitality industry. It generates reliable revenue. The business has also positively adopted the change in the tourism market. This includes the rapidly changing market segments

The impact of this technology is the developing need by players in hospitality and tourism to install internet connectivity in the places of business. Tourists are self-sufficient and use mobile phone application and websites. Most of the tourists prefer accommodations that have installed free internet among other high-tech equipment. Such demands compel the investors to put more capital to succeed in tourism and hospitality industry. They, in turn, get more returns.

Attending to the particular need of the millennial is a need-based market segment in the tourism and the hospitality industry. They include people aged between 18-34yrs.They have commons but unique needs. Such requirements include early exposure to technology. They mostly like individual service in refreshments and personalized interaction. Other common needs may include musical systems and access to the internet.

The nature of accommodation in need based segment in the hospitality industry. Different tourists require certain classes of accommodation. The affluent have their needs on exclusive resorts and the five-star hotels. The discipline of the revenue management is considered by the wealthy. They value efficiency and comfort in the customer services.

There have been drastic changes in market segmentation in the hotel and hospitality industry. This is due to the rapid variations in the consumer need with time. With the technological advancement, there is the need for people keep advancing. This creates new segments in the industry. The consumer behavior in the sector keeps on changing. It brings about other needs that the consumer of the tourism and hospitality services wishes to get.

The consumer behavior primarily impacts on the services provided. It is influenced by social cultural and personal factors. The endeavor of every business person is to differentiate the customer groups and meet their needs differently. The quality and type of services vary depending on the client's acceptance of the services.

There is the need to address the impact of terrorism in future to sustain tourism. Global impact of terrorism is among the trending issues affecting tourism and hospitality industry. Such attacks scare away the tourists hence low number visits to various destinations. The Melbourne attack by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS adversely affected the tourism in Australia. Potential tourists restrained themselves from visiting Australia due to the perception that at the moment it was terrorist infested. It is necessary to include tax holidays and lower any travel bans in future. This will help the Australian industry to compete favorably in the global tourism market.



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