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According to the proclamation to the German nation by Hitler, one of the reasons that resulted to the cause of many challenges in Germany was the fact that other countries were undermining them. In his speech, Hitler explains how their nation lost its political place in the world. As such, it led to disunity among the people which cause all those problems in the country. Also, when German entered into the war led to many challenges. They discovered that some of their allies were not supportive as they expected. In that light, they had to struggle on their own to overcome those challenges. According to Hitler, Germany had been promised equality and fraternity which was never fulfilled. We never received equality and fraternity we had been promised.' Based on his remarks, it shows that Germany was betrayed by some of its close allies. They had no option but to fight to get back their rights which indicated invading other countries. Also, other countries were taking advantage of them regarding trade. From Hitlers speech he outlined with all the advantages of trading and commerce, Germany was still not performing as expected.

The government of Germany had put certain measures to fight unemployment in the country. First, Hitler explains that most of the people who are most affected are the peasants as they need to be rescued from the quagmire into which they had fallen. It indicates that the peasant efforts were being undermined by a group of people. The only way the government was going to rescue them was through giving them a loan to improve on their activities. Hitler explains that unemployment rate was traced back fourteen years ago. Also, the government will use fiscal system to promote business life. The policy would also impact the peasants who work in the agricultural sector. Regarding foreign policy, the government will ensure that it the policy favor the land regulations that have affected Germany for a very long time. When it comes to banking, finance and the economy in general, Hitler explained how the government would ensure that promotes several ways to deal with unemployment issues which affect all the sector in the economy.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt speech focused on how the country was going to overcome those many challenges. He explained that out forefathers did not fear anything but fear itself. In that light, the President determined that the country was going to move forward without fearing anything. One of the causes of the problem in the country was the increase taxes in which the government itself was unable to pay.

The President explains that he was going to deal with unemployment through establishing wage build for the people. He explains that great number of people toil without a great return.' Based on his remarks, the President indicated that many people in American were suffering due to lack of proper payment systems.

Regarding banking, finance and the economy in general, the President explained that he would ensure that country goes back to the issues of respecting social values rather than mere monetary profits.' Also, in the banking sector, there must be an end to speculation regarding other people's money.'

When it comes to agriculture, the President indicated that he would ensure that he gives land to the people who truly deserve it. He explained that provide a better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.

Regarding foreign policy, the president explained that he would ensure that he formulate policy with the help of the Congress that favor international trade in the country. Such actions entail putting America interest first.

In conclusion, in both speeches, the President find common ground when it comes to putting their country's interest first. They explained that all the foreign policy must first favor their citizens. With regards t the power of their position, it was likely that they will implement all those areas for the purpose of improving their economy.

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