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An elected official includes the President, senator, or governor. The president serves two major functions which include being the head of state and the commander in chief of the armed forces. He/she is responsible for the execution of the laws created by the congress. It is also the role of the president to appoint the heads of federal commissions, to issues executive orders, and to sign bills into law (The White House n.d). An elected official has the role of performing his/her prescribed duties in the constitution. He/she is accountable to the public and the international community. Apart from that, the president is the chief diplomat, legislative leader, and chief of the party. What is more, he should serve as a guardian to the economy since he is concerned about business profits, taxes, prices of commodities, and employment rates.

As the president of the United States, it is important to maintain integrity, honesty, and excellence to boost the confidence of the followers and other nations. Therefore, it means that the president should work in collaboration with other levels of the government, such as the senate to achieve the objectives (The White House n.d). For instance, the US president signs treaties and agreements with other nations; thus, he/she requires the support of the senate. The president should show a great level of respect for the citizens, independent institutions, and international communities. An elected official should also support community initiatives and projects and create strategies to improve funding.

The United States constitution highlights only three major requirements for individuals who wish to run for president. First, the individual should be at least 35 years old. Secondly, he should have lived in the United States for more than 14 years (The White House 1). Thirdly, the individual should be a native born.

Many people run for the president of the United States for various reasons. First, they intend to solve economic crises that may have faced the country during the previous regime. In fact, all aspirants develop campaign manifestos that explain the approach and philosophies of economic transformation. Secondly, in the United States, the security of the citizens is particularly important. Therefore, candidates run for the office to build alliances and partnerships with other developed nations to improve security by using advanced weapons and equipment (United States Department of State 16). For others, the presidency offers them a sense of pride and prestige since the US is the worlds largest super power. Moreover, some people consider to run for presidency to seek popularity of get appointed for cabinet positions or the post of vice president.

I want to run for the president of United States because of five major reasons. First, I would like to address the socio-economic issues affecting majority of the citizens, especially the minorities. Secondly, I would like to influence the congress to pass laws that address immigration issues. In particular, I would support laws that allow the entry of experts and professionals in the fields of science and technology from other countries. Thirdly, I would like to improve the United States capacity to conduct real-time surveillance of its borders and other countries to prevent surprise attacks, and to increase safety of Americans. Fourthly, I want to become president to encourage a spirit of patriotism, tolerance, and peaceful co-existence of the communities of the United States. Fifthly, I would want to work collaboratively with the senate, states, and counties to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the legislature, executive, and judiciary. I want to start the campaigns to popularize my bid of presidency and communicate my agenda to the voters. What is more, I want to start campaigning to convince like-minded leaders to convince their followers to vote for me.

I intend to run the presidency of a Democratic Party ticket. The ideals represented by the democrats resonate with my agenda and bid for the presidency. The party supports the need to increase public spending and implement relatively higher tax rates to improve economic performance (Kimel and Kanell n.d). In fact, under democratic presidents, the US has experienced slightly higher economic growth than under republican leadership (Mathews n.d). Although the president exerts little pressure on economic factors, he/she can sign bills and support laws on fiscal policies. According to their website, the party aims at creating jobs, offering affordable health care, producing clean energy, and offering quality education (Democrats n.d).

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My platform would consist of rigorous interaction with lobby groups, the senate, and the congress to make major fiscal policies. I intend to reduce trade barriers between the US and Asian countries, such as China to enhance exportation of goods. Moreover, I will work with the senate and congress to pass laws that allow the United States to allow immigrants who are 25 years old and above with technical expertise in science, mathematics, and technology to work in the United States. This strategy is critical in ensuring that there is transfer of knowledge and experience to American workers. At the same time, I will enter into agreements with major American competitors, such as Russia to create weapons that can safeguard the country, and use the alliance to defeat terrorists and ISIS.

As for domestic issues facing the country, I believe that economic policies can lead to sustainable economic growth and development in the country. Although the president does not control the economic factors directly, I believe that policies, such as tax increase and increased government spending on infrastructure can stimulate economic growth. With the aim of increasing access to healthcare, I will advocate for policies to improve the coverage of Americans, and ensure effective implementation of Affordable Care Act.

I will receive campaign contributions from donors, such as Fahr LLC, Service Employees International Union, Newsweb Corp, and Priorities USA. These organizations have been supporting democratic candidates often, thus, making them ideal during my campaigns. Besides, the organizations have a positive public image on most Americans, especially for those who are democrats. I will exclude Las Vegas Sands in my contribution requests. Las Vegas Sands has been involved in a criminal bribery case.

Figure 2.0 Campaign poster

Some of the major divisive issues include abortion, immigration, and gun-control laws. I will work with states governments to allocate funding to increase availability and accessibility of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) for teenagers and young adults reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. Instead of procuring the services of illegal abortionists, I believe that the government can support young girls by offering them contraceptives that can reduce unintended pregnancies, and consequently reduce abortions. As for immigration, I believe that the US can benefit from experienced and educated immigrants, as they can help in enhancing cross-pollination of ideas and expertise (Clayton and Sean 2). Therefore, I will support the expansion of the current laws to accommodate only educated foreigners into the US. I believe that gun-control laws should be tightened to ensure that individuals holding firearms do not use them illegally. I will hold discussions and consultative meetings with my opponents to convince them on the importance of improving legislation to support my bid. Additionally, I will present tangible scientific evidence to prove my assertions to them. I foresee that I will garner more votes in swing states since some of the voters have a similar philosophy. Furthermore, the large number of undecided voters may consider my approach as evidence-based as opposed to the previous ones that were largely based on political and religious notions.

My dream team would be composed of the following individuals.

Post Name Reason

Vice President Bernie Sanders Sanders can help my government in solving economic issues. He holds the importance of reversing economic inequality, which is one of the core factors of my campaign.

His experience as a senator is important, as he would help me to influence congress and senate in passing major bills

Secretary of State Mitt Romney As a republican nominee for president in 2012, Mitt Romney is one of the most experienced Americans in areas of governance

He also served as the governor of Massachusetts

Secretary of Defense Stephen Hadley Hadley served as the national security advisor to President Bush

He is currently serving as the chairman of a federally supported committee on conflict resolution

His experience is critical in ensuring security and safety of Americans

Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner He is a competent banker based on his experience as a central banker.

He is experienced having worked under president Obama for 4 years

During the first 100 days, I will strive to reduce the increasing inflation rates, advocate for equality, support legislation to accommodate educated immigrants only, and reduce taxes on food items. In order to reduce taxes and inflation rate, I will increase budget allocation on basic items to provide subsidies to manufacturing organizations. It is important to solve these problems to ensure a successful start and help me focus on international issues. I believe that it is possible to deal with the issue of immigration by creating legislation that requires a careful selection of individuals. I will ensure that such people will only be employed in sectors that many Americans have not ventured into to create more jobs. I will work with the committee of national reconciliation to increase awareness of cultural diversity, and to preach the message of tolerance.

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