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There have been series of articles written to link the United States with drug smuggling. In articles like the San Jose Mercury-News, tales of the drug triangle have been reported over and over since the 1980s, linking the CIA officials in Central America, Los Angeles and San Francisco with operations to sell cocaine through the community of African-America. They used drug traffickers as their assets and kept it a secret to the Justice Department making everything look suspicious and questionable. The hypothesis that is about to be verified is whether US government smuggle drugs to fund war contracts.

With drugs smuggling moving deep even to the countries with feuds like Afghanistan, the U.S. Troops and British are seen putting a disguise of protecting the Afghan values which is the poppy fields by deploying their soldiers to defend their lives massive drug areas. With this kind of protection,' the drug trafficking is estimated to bring $50 billion annually with the primary concern being the people who reap out the greatest profit (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). It was during the interview with the RT news that a former commander of the USSRs operations in Afghanistan claimed that the U.S was not planning on stopping the production of drugs in Afghanistan since it covers its costs of invasion. In line with this evidence, one cannot dispute the fact the United States smuggle drugs so that they can fund their contract wars.

Another controversy has been built on the theory that the US government is not is not smuggling drug for their war contractors to be funded, but they are instead on a war to fight drug dealing and the cartels who rule large parts of Mexico and cause violence and injustice. In an article written to discredit the fact that the media firmly believed that some government officials used drug smuggling to make war contracts (Guevara 131). With the enforcement of President Bush program which was more considered in the Obama era, drug trafficking in Mexico and the USA was being reduced and deemed illegal making it hard for the controversy about the government supporting smuggling an overheated debate with speculation.

In as much as indications would point out that the U.S government have been in the pursuit for drug smuggling, there is still a dark portion that leaves one wondering if it is really and indeed the whole truth behind the eradication. Various individuals have been able to come up with different theories that might contradict their claim with more concern been raised as to why the government is smuggling drugs. It has been alleged that cocaine smuggling was done by a Contras group with an aim to help in financing the war against the Nicaragua (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). It was told that the CIA with the other agencies of the United States were responsible for cracking the epidemic which was able to ravage the black community all over the country.

It has been conveyed that 80% of the worlds drug smuggling is done in the Afghanistan out coming the South Americans like the Columbia. This result has been gathered up, and it is considered that the Americans themselves have admitted to the fact that smuggling of drugs helps to cover for the expenses of the troops of the Americans that are in Afghanistan making drug production in that country to be high just as the war is (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). They have not come up with planned military action to eliminate the drug trafficking leaving people curious as to why this is so. The only deduction that can be taken out is the fact that, they have been benefitting from the drug smuggling.

It has been noted that the production of opium increased rapidly when U.S occupied the Afghanistan. As much as it can be articulated as mere coincidence, the fact remains that there has been a substantial, reliable evidence of drug smuggling through the zones of war (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). The officials of U.S failed in addressing the drug problem and challenges since they feared that by so doing, they would jeopardize the war efforts against the Nicaragua. The U.S government and the senior policymakers were in for the idea that the drug money would become a perfect solution to the Contras funding problem.

With more evidence lying on the fact that drug smuggling has been sadly conducted by the very people authorized to protect the citizens. It is true to indicate that the programs that have been made by the succeeding government from President Bush, Clinton to Obama have failed since they are in disguise (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). Declassified US government document demonstrate the precise knowledge of smuggling drugs and the contracts that come beside it. Drug money has been made to fund the war contacts like in Nicaragua.

Most people, however, can claim that the media is the one raising all the propaganda on the fact that US government smuggle drug to fund contract wars (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). But evidently, it has not been questions of what led to the heinous plan but the fact that their disguise in helping fight drug smuggling have been a diversion so that they could fund their war contracts without having to spend their money. With the media uncovering the lies behind the promises, it is the duty of the citizens to be aware of what is in front of their doorstep.

The issue of drug smuggling can be compared to the pest control company whereby the Company offer pesticides that can reduce the number of pest in the field without finishing all the pest or rather after they eradicate that type of pest, they come up with a new way of introducing another pest which will make the farmer look for more pesticides. In that way, the pesticides company do not run out of business, and at the same time, the farmers get their help. The government does the same thing with the drug production whereby they tend to fight the drug traffickers and smuggler, but in a real sense, they smuggle drugs in a secret way so that they can fund their war contracts (The San Jose Mercury News Articles). In essence, people might tend to think that the government is in pursuit for the drug dealers, but it is the main drug dealer. They consider the fact that if they finish the drug business, then they will have to complete their jobs and various contracts might be lost as a result.

The US government needs to control the population, and in that sense, they cannot stop drug smuggling. The blaming of the Mexican gringos have just been a way of finding someone to blame since the chief smuggler is the government itself. Reality can be a stranger than fiction when it comes to the drug war and the relations between the US and drug smuggling campaign. As much as conspiracy theories can be blamed for these allegations claiming they are a false, the evidence is hard to ignore, and it allows one to see beyond the promises, the laws, and enforcement. The war in Nicaragua and the trafficking of drugs in the US ghettos is more than enough facts to speculate that everything is not as it seems.


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