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One of the most famous African American orators is Dr. Martin Luther King, the orator of the famous speech, I have a dream. This great oration has managed to survive the influence of time and remains monumental as far as civil rights movement in the US is concerned. The timing of the speech, location, and message has also contributed to the greatness of this speech. The speech is memorable in a sense that it had an inspirational message to the crowd that though the struggle was on, hope was unshakeable.

I have a dream is a speech that was delivered by Luther King to the African Americans at a time when the Negro community had been subjected to discrimination ("Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech - American Rhetoric"). It was the role of Luther King as a leader to inspire and give hope which he did. In the speech, he stated that he never believed the banks of justice could be bankrupt and that opportunities were never available for the black people. In his speech, Martin intended to express that his dream would come true if the people listening to him would walk together and march forward. In this great speech, Martin proved that to have the right choice of words to convince the crowd to dream along CITATION Andnd \l 1033 (Dlugan). The timing and content of the speech were also great in a sense that it touched on a sensitive issue of discrimination that had persisted in the US over many years. The speech is also memorable from the fact that it was delivered at the monumental Lincoln memorial CITATION Ana17 \l 1033 (Analysis of Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech).

It is no doubt that I have a dream memorable due to the timing and content of the speech. The speech was meant to inspire and redeem lost hope among the black people who had been subjected to racial discrimination. This made the speech memorable not only to the African Americans but also people from other races who advocate for civil justice, liberty, social equity and social inclusion. This was the dream that Luther King had for America. It is important to note the following:

The orator had an outstanding volume that enhanced speech

Speaking was free of errors in grammar and pronunciation. The choice of words also enhanced clarity

The rate, pitch, and tone were consistently effective

Minimum to no vocal filters

The speaker consistently made eye contact with a portion of the audience and somehow relies on notes

Some but not all of the following apply: Erect posture, gestures and facial expressions that enhance the speech.

No visual aids were used

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