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1. John F Kennedy's Criteria consensus for good president demonstrated by a spectrum

Since President Franklin D. Roosevelt, many historians and a majority of the Americans have increasingly given John F. Kennedy the highest approval rating of any president. Despite having spent less than three years in the White House, President Kennedy's criteria consensus for good president is far reaching. Firstly, his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as the Civil Rights struggle in the United States is some of his most famous signs of his administrative abilities (Wilkinson).

2. Characteristics of background information that would be pertinent to understand the administration-including visuals.

One of the most crucial background information that would be pertinent to comprehend President Kennedy's administration was that he assumed office as the United States president at the age of 43. Besides, he served as president for a period of 2years and 10 months, which is the shortest period in the history of the American presidents. Also, while various visuals and monuments give background information of President Kennedy's presidency, the most striking monument is the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas where he was assassinated. People from across the world visit this place to commemorate the President Kennedy's death with written tributes such as Our greatest President, The greatest Man since Jesus Christ, among others (Minow)

3. How should this administration be remembered or characterized?

While a majority of the Americans have continually believed that a president will be effective if he has a compelling vision of the future of America, as the 35th President of the United States, John F Kennedy's administration is remembered for some of his visions for America. For instance, through his novel New Frontier policies visionary initiatives for the American nation were derived. Moreover, his unshaken support for civil rights, his support for the expansion of the space program, and most importantly, his containment policy towards the Soviet Union, were also ways in which his administration is remembered (Minow). Besides, President Kennedy's presidency is characterized by a shift in the sources of immigration. Notably, under his Administration, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which although was passed after his death, saw a marginal shift of the sources of immigration from the European countries towards Latin Asia and America.


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