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After a careful analysis of the situation you (John Ross), the Cherokee Chief of the Cherokee Nation, I (Andrew Jackson) fully recognize and appreciate the special role you played in shaping the history of your people. It is quite evident that you played the role of a messiah thus leading to much comparisons between you and the Biblical Moses especially when you led them through tumultuous events such as the American Civil War and the relocation of the Indian territory. It is quite evident that the land your people occupied in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama became the center of our disagreements especially with the coming of the White Settlers. My efforts to bring civilization in the life of the natives were seen as an act of alienating the natives from their land. It is for this reason that you branded me as an advocate for Indian Removal which was not the case. My intentions were good and aimed at helping the natives learn to read and write in English as the first steps towards civilization. The misunderstanding was even worsened by the fact that the White population started experiencing the Indian Problem and this led to their alienation from huge tracts of land in the country. As part of proving to you that I had no bias against the natives and the whites, you can recall my actions as the President. I wanted an America that allowed all citizens to have a right to their land. This led to the Indian Removal Act. This did not end as the Cherokee nation resisted this move by the government and the whites I dealing with the issue of the Indian removal Act. A legal battle was drawn in which Justice Marshall ruled that the native tribes, whom you rule were domestic dependent nations and acted as wards to the guardians in America. Despite our differences at that time, I agree with the Supreme Courts decision to declare the Indian tribes as sovereign and immune from the Georgian laws.

The legal battles that ensued between the Indian nation and the government put both of us (John Ross and Andrew Jackson) in various positions. All the cases were thus seeking to promote autonomy of the Indian tribes in America. I (Andrew Jackson) agree with you (John Ross) that there were some cases that were of special importance to the Cherokee nations. For instance, the Worcester v. Georgia played a crucial role in allowing the United States to enforce the rights of the natives against the state. However, a ruling made during the Worcester case provided a turning point in your fight against the discrimination of the rights of native Indians. The outcome of this case ruled that it was only the United States that had the legal mandate and not the individual states in possessing the power to deal with any Indian nation. I (Andrew Jackson) fully agree with this ruling as it shows the sovereignty of the nation.

It is quite evident that my election as the President was well received by many people. I (Andrew Jackson) was seen as the peoples president due to my devotion to provision of economic and political opportunities for the common man in the United States. I am happy to hear your sentiments about my role as a President who was a nationalist figure in the fight for equal opportunities and promotion of Democracy. I agree with you that removing the harsh policies with regard to the Native Americans was one of my highlights as the President. However, the removal of the harsh policies had its effects such as usurpation of land which you (John Ross) was able to note in your address to me.

In addition, your views the Cherokee people were civilized in that they could read and write was evident are much in line with the vision I have for the natives. I (Andrew Jackson) really wanted to bring civilization to the natives and thus allow them to enjoy rights as Americans. I however beg to differ with you that I labeled the Cherokees or the natives as savages. The propulsion of the differences between our noble actions of trying to inculcate civilization into the Cherokee people stems from your action to push for resistance. I view your actions of taking the case to the Supreme Court as an act of taking up arms and trying to alienate the Cherokee nation from America. It is a move that I (Andrew Jackson) would not agree with as our aim was to promote unity and diversity within the nation.

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