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For many years Latinos have been considered as minorities in the united states. Their political influence has been very limited for a long time, and they have had very small representations of the political scene for a very long time. However, in the recent past, the demographics of the united states have now been changing, and the contributions of Latinos has increased. According to the article, many parties in America; both democratic and republican parties are trying to take considerations of the influence of Latinos on the politics of the country and are trying to find ways of incorporating them in parties. These parties are developing ways of attracting support from the Latinos. One of the ways include trying to make immigration reforms and garner support from the Latinos. Many researchers predict a very influential rise in the Latino electorate in future. Since they are the group that is mostly affected by immigration laws, political parties try to flirt the idea reforms to gain their support. Latinos are more conservative people who consider aspects of family and religion. More and more politicians are finding ways of attracting their support by depicting their positive views on these factors. Politicians know that in the years to come Latinos will play a major role in the politics of the nation (Sarlin, 2014).

Impact: What is the political impact to Latinos (why does it matter)?

One of the greatest influences of Latinos in the American politics is the rapid increase in population. As the numbers go up so does their influence on voting. Second generation Latinos have an automatic citizenship. This rise in population is expected to create more representation in politics. The rise in population of Latinos has made them the largest minority group in the country. The population increase has been rapid in the past years, and they rise predicted to have a great political influence. More focus is put on second-generation Latinos who have little problems of immigration because of the automatic citizenship. Their number is also on the rise and seek more political representation for improvement of their lives and their society. However, translation of rising in population into a political strength is expected to take some time. There is a lag in political representation but will soon go down. It is said that in the world of today, the road towards the Whitehouse, greatly depends on the Latinos. This is a statement that shows their political influence. The increase in the population of Latinos in the country can be seen in changes in aspects of the society such as diversification of culture, religion, and food. It is for this reason that the American society is finding ways of integrating them into the society and politics has become the main avenue of integration.

Opposing Views: Are both sides of the story being presented? What do you think the argument that is not being presented might be?

Despite the great political influence of the Latino society, their political representation is considered as lagging, and one of the main reason is associated with problems of immigration. The immigration issue is claiming many lives of the immigrants crossing the border under dangerous conditions. The immigration policies put stern actions on immigrants who only come to the country for economic development. Current policies advocate for illegal immigration through strict enforcement measures.

Discussion questions for class: Think of at least two questions.

What are the political implications of a high Latino electorate?

How are the immigration reforms going to change the problem of illegal immigrants?


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