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The item that I have selected for this assignment is on the BC Liberal Leadership Possibilities to Consider after Clark. It is an article that was written by Wendy Stuek and Mike Hagar. The paper is of great interest to me due to the political realities and decisions that it entails. Further, the articles relate to political science with regards to the way the contenders would possibly react to achieve their desires and goals.

On critical terms, the main reason as to why I chose the item, does not rely solely, on the fact that it is an interesting and fascinating issue, and the way that the events in it unfold, rather the main reason that propelled me to choose the item lies on the factor and the aspects o political science that it contains.

It is interesting to put the ideas and the thinking of the individuals that are highlighted in the text into account in a bid o try and understand the possible way of thinking and reasoning addition to following the sole ideologies that underlie and guide their action It is particularly fascinating to take note and realize the particular the individuals that are perusing the position of Christy Clark in that temp to replace her as the BC liberal leader. It is fascinating to realize that these people who are contesting to get her position and become her replacement now that she no longer holds the position are in fact very different from those who had initially tried to challenge her to the position.

My personal view on this aspect is that it reflects a change of opinion and a possible shift in ideology. I am of the conviction that the change in thinking and possible change of ideas that fosters changes the personal strands of the individuals involved. The implications and the impacts of the issue on the society cannot go unnoticed. The factor of ideological change is an aspect that cannot be taken for granted, particularly since far as political leadership is involved. It is important to take a serious step in making critical investigations and analysis to try to realize and make an n informed discernment to understand the reason that fosters e issue of change in ideology. In doing this, it is important for the analyst to try and view the situation at hand from the persons involved.

In an instant tasked with the creation or policy that addresses the issue, I would take it upon myself to come up with law, or public policy that would be aimed at ensuring that the leaders make the general public and the individuals who they govern a central part involved in their decision-making procedures

A law would, therefore, be enacted to ensure that the people make public the reasons for their actions in cases where they are making such significant shifts and decisions to make sure that those the lead do not just follow blindly, but rather, can make informed decisions.

The notion and idea of democracy, both as a process and value that is used in governing the people is also stipulated in the item. Similarly, it is also interesting to realize how the contenders are in a position to make choices and further proceed to make their interests known to the public.

Further, it is also absorbing to realize how ideology shift is also reflected in the text. A critical analysis of this, therefore, makes it evident that the society is a democratic society. The right to choose is defiantly respected, and the people are given the opportunity to be able to make informed choices and choose what is right and best for them.

Additionally, the leaders and the general public are not compelled to maintain ideologies that they grow to disagree with; rather they are presented with the opportunity to change and embrace that which they perceive to be better or even best for them.

Most democracies have the constitutional provision that allows for peaceful protests under the law. It can however not be ignored that there are multiple instances where what should have initially been peaceful protests have turned violent. By the law, should protesters become violent and end up using unprecedented force, then it is right to say that the protest no longer falls under democratic rights, but rather turn into criminal acts.

In democratic spaces ad states where the voices and the opinions of the citizens and the general public matters, protests, especially peaceful demonstrations are effective as through the protests, then the government and the leaders are able to get and to understand the distress and the issues of dissatisfaction that are faced by the citizens and the general public. The leaders and even the government are therefore in a position to respond to the problems and address the needs of the public as a whole.

Media has a significant role to play in the addressing of political science issues. In any instances, most individuals majorly rely on both media and social media to receive news and information regarding various topics. The amount of attention that the media pays to an issue will determine the level to which the news spreads to the general public. Further the media, through the way that it highlights a problem, can learn the way an issue will be handled by the concerned parties.

Through my understanding of the subject of social science, it is my opinion that social science directly impacts on the general life of every individual as it is a discipline that deals with the daily occurrences. It is, therefore, necessary for individuals to have a clears understanding of the subject to be in an informed position to make critical analysis of the issues that they face on their daily endeavors, including in the civic space



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