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American Diplomats chronicles the development of American diplomacy over the past decades, the motivating factors behind the Foreign Service Officers of America as well as both the success and the nonfulfillment of United States foreign policy.

At first, I thought being a diplomat is all about traveling, learning a foreign language and getting to experience new environment until one retires. However, after watching the film, I have gained new insights regarding being An American diplomat. I have realized that as a diplomat, one is faced with grave dangers. For instance, the film features in full details the bombings of 1983 of the United States embassy in Beirut and the bombings of the American embassy in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Also, the 2012 attack in Libya of Ambassador Christopher Stevens that resulted in his death demonstrates how being a U.S diplomat is a dangerous career. Diplomats get not only physical threats but also experience intellectual challenges. For instance, there is the challenge of convincing the foreign populace regarding the interest of U.S. in their country. That is, the U.S. is not planning to overturn their leadership, but just a significant presence that aims at bringing a positive relationship. The United States diplomatic mission failed the war in Vietnam and had a restricted success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The story that has made a significant impression on me in the video is that of the American diplomat George Kennan. Keenan was a very educated individual in the mind, language and the Russian lifestyle. I find his ideas and deeds less influencing, especially in the current political and economic environment. Kennan is depicted as an authoritative policy maker. However, he is inconsistent with his vision. For instance, Kannan described the Americans as in the 1900s as insecure and was relatively fearless, but they faced dangerous situations in the 1950s and became anxious. In another lecture, he contradicts his previous vision by saying that in 1900, the Americans exaggerated their strengths and abilities to solve issues.

I was also impressed by the role of consular officers in approving visa requests for the people who look forward to visiting the U.S. The most important point about this position is the significant questions raised on how a nation of immigrants treats the refugees who flee Syria and Iraq. For example, an exciting depiction is that of Fiorello La Guardia, a consular officer who in the end became a mayor of New York. This diplomat played a significant responsibility in acquiring shipping lines to execute health checks on the migrants before they got on a boat, to make sure that the families are not separated. Nonetheless, the American diplomats have failed to analyze the question of when and under what circumstances America should be involved in the war. Many people view that American involvement in the war is necessary since other nation looks forward to the United States as the globes leader.

In conclusion, American Diplomacy shines the American history of diplomacy and offers a tribute to the courageous American diplomats who are regarded as heroes for being on the forefront of guarding the foreign policy of America. The documentary also illuminates the difficult decisions made by diplomats in continually shifting parameters that often have devastating consequences including loss of their lives or their freedom to move around the world.



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