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According to the World Bank, the eight millennium development goals include the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger, attainment of universal primary education, promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, reduction of child mortality, improvement of maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS/malaria/and other diseases, ensuring environmental sustainability as finally the development of global partnership for development (World Bank, n.d).

The first objective involves and entails measures put in place to curb curbing extreme poverty as well as hunger. Many locations in different parts of the world are under extreme poverty whereby the government cannot provide for its own population and has to rely on donations and food aids. Ideally, war torn areas as well locations facing sever social, economic and political strife are not devoid of extreme. Moreover, countries with high unemployment rates, less development, shaky political climate as well as poor economic and social structures which has led to overreliance on foreign aids has aggregated the adverse situation. However, to meet the objective of poverty alleviation, the World Bank, NGOs, governments as well as the support of other supportive organs will ensure that peace prevails and that the is development in the countries including measures put in to ensure that the population is employed, well fed and that the citizens receive the universal primary education.

Getting to solve the poverty and hunger objective will also help lower the child mortality which are especially experienced following lack of accessibility to proper health and nutrition care of children. Moreover, the global initiative of eradicating the spread of the killer diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and cancer etcetera can only be achieved when the population has ready access to health care as well as educating them on healthy living. Another millennium objective which entails on environmental sustainability entails on embracing environmental friendly habits especially in production and supply. Ideally, it is without doubt that the environment has been the recipient of the negative threats of pollution, dereliction as well as misuse.

The millennium goals provide that environmentally friendly techniques and strategies should be embraced in a manner that it should not interfere with the ecosystem or cause harm to other living organisms in the ecosystem. Take for example, cutting down trees for timber. Such moves do not only lead to destruction of habitats for wild animals but also affects with the weather patterns in a manner that trees which help bring rain and act as windbreakers are no longer there. The resultant effects are draught and struggle with the displaced wild animals looking for new habitats. The last aim is development oriented and it entails the advancement efforts made in order to ensure that countries adopt new technologies, upgrade their infrastructure and establish their trade systems among many other development techniques. The World Bank is committed to helping realization of the millennium development goals. Through campaigns, the World Bank has initiative efforts to ensure that everything necessary is done and that the globe achieves these goals.

Globalization, the positives and negatives

Globalization is a buzzword and has been in the streets for more than a decade. Many organizations currently have realized that active role and impact of the modern day businesses especially because it is not plausible to do without globalization in the current business world (Roman & Manolica, 2012). Enterprises have realized the effectiveness of going global scaling to high heights and conducting their operations at an international scale. It goes without saying vast merits and demerits have been realized since the inception of globalization. According to Raluca (2010), one of the greatest merit of globalization is the fact that it has led to informational exchanges as well as the spread of trade and technology which in the overall has led to growth of the economies and improvement in efficiency of operations.

Moreover, globalization has opened up new opportunities thereby prompting for the efficient utilization of resources (Globalization, 2016). In the overall, labor and capital productivity has improved immensely. However, globalization has nevertheless led to redistribution of economic power leading to wide disparities between rich and poor countries. Moreover, globalization has drained away cultural values especially at the instance in which intermarriages and intercultural exchanges have taken preeminence. Worst case ever is the fact that globalization has led to pollution, poor waste disposal as well loss of employment especially when new technologies are adopted. In the overall, weighing the merits and demerits of globalization, the advantages outweigh the demerits. Thus, efforts should be geared towards providing solutions to curb or mitigate the negative consequences brought about by globalization.



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