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Taking about policies, USA president Donald Trump has been faced both positive and negative criticism by his policies of making America great again. Focusing on the Tax Policy, Donald Trump is recognized to be one of the United States presidents with a unique tax reform plan that would be so beneficial in managing the United States economy. Through the tax plan, it is essential to the general economic performance since the plan would bring reform to the individual income tax code by having to lower the marginal investment, tax rates on wages and the general income of the business. Additionally, the plan will also be critical in eliminating federal estate and gift taxes while doing away with the step up basis.

Throughout the analysis, it is better to understand that the Trump tax plan would be helpful in reducing the federal revenues from both the corporate income taxes and that of the individual income taxes. The revenue reductions come primarily from low rates on business and individuals (Rao). One specific tax rate, the income tax rate of an individual on pass-through business is the same as that the rate that is applied to other individual income. Basically, through the Trump tax plan, federal tax revenue will be reduced by a total amount of $4.4 trillion for a good period over the next decade. Although if the corporate business income tax rate is the same, then the plan would work on reducing the federal revenue by six trillion, the brilliant plan would also work or reduce the marginal tax rates on substantially lowering the marginal tax rates on investment and labor. And as a result, the estimation is that the plan would be helpful in raising wages, managing the long run GDP and working to increase the job time equilibrium level. Also, through the tax policy, Donald Trump tax plan will lower the business tax rate from thirty-five percent to fifteen percent, and by this, the corporate alternative minimum tax will be eliminated.

Health policy

The Trump health policies which have always been entitled to a healthcare Reform of making American Great Again with the plan having two major components. In the in-depth analysis, the first policy is working on repealing the Affordable Care Act and making a replacement with new health insurance policies that will change the whole health process to turn medical into a block grant program. Basically, for the entire system to be implemented Mr. Trump has planned on spending roughly $ 330 billion for a period ten years, providing an estimation of faster economic growth with a total of $ 550 billion (Trumpcare vs. Obamacare, n.d.).Additionally, the policy will also cause around twenty-one individual to lose their insurance cover since the healthcare policy replacement would only have to cover just five percent of the twenty-two million people would be losing coverage upon Obamacare replacement and through this, individuals without insurance coverage will hence be doubled. According to (Gubernskaya), about twenty-seven million America will be lacking insurance coverage by the end of two thousand and eighteen. The Trump policy is one of the best ideas, though repealing the Obamacare would lead to increase coverage by more than 1.1million. Notably, there will be an increase in the number of those who are not insured by 21 million range, and it will only cover up to five percent of those that would lose coverage from repealing off Obama care. On the other hand, the new policies are essential in protecting individual conscience in the healthcare and protecting the lives of innocent Americans from the point of conception to the end of natural death, thats including the Americans with disability and the most defenseless individuals. It is also important to note that the administration goal will be to come up with a patient-centered health care system as the controlling healthcare policy to take any needed action in alleviating the burdens that are being imposed on businesses by law and the American families.


Even though President Donald Trump immigration policy is not in full effect, the nature of the policy has played an essential role in illegal migration decrease in the United States. The number of undocumented illegal migrants entering the United States has reduced in the recent past with fewer immigrants being allowed to get into the United States of America. The policy by President Donald Trump was all about overhauling the United States immigration system and drastically reducing the number of legal immigrants who are allowed entry into the United States.

Trump came brought to an end the so identified as catch and release policy, even though it will sometimes take for the whole process to be achieved, the government used to hold detainees who were waiting for a decision on immigration. Another alternative has been raised through the policies that migrants are being sent back to Mexico to wait out the process of migration, even if they are not initially Mexican citizens. The immigration policy is identified to have impacted the Texas individual during the hurricane Harvey; some were afraid of seeking help or even being identified since the policies have become tough for them.

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