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Boards of Pharmacy & Pharmacy Associations, is nonprofit making organization that monitors public health by assisting its members board of pharmacy and provides professional guidelines to promote safe pharmacy practices for the benefit of consumers. The agency was founded in 1904. NABP member group is divided into eight districts that consist of 50 United States and other communities. The association is governed by executive committee who are elected during the annual membership meeting.

The Arizona state board of pharmacy, this the governing body for pharmacy affairs in the state of Arizona, and it is also responsible for issuing licenses to pharmacists, interns, technicians, pharmacies and drug manufacturing companies. The board is consist of nine members, are the pharmacy technician and two members of general public. The board has set a requirement of all member in the board must have ten years experience before they are eligible to be appointed. Also, the member must be residents of Arizona for more than five years preceding appointment.

The board of pharmacy is responsible for developing and maintaining laws and rules to protect health, the safety of general public. It also monitors practices of medicine, manufacturing, supping of drugs or hazardous substance and oversight duties performances. The board is also responsible for providing any change that may arise after three months.

They board mandate to access any pharmacy and monitor the way their performance duties. Compliance inspection is undertaken to determine if their follow the rules and regulation set by the board. The board can also secure samples or specimens of drugs.

Pharmacy Support Persons (PSP) is an individual who helps in all non-technical function of practices of medicine, enabling the pharmacist to attend to other patient and provide pharmaceutical care to the patient. The pharmacy supervisor is entitled to all actions of the support personnel. All pharmacy support is required to register with the board by submitting all documented needed in registration. Also, other health providers are who are involved in non-technical functions of pharmacy and who is actively licensed there must meet professional standards for them to be registered.

All in all, pharmacy support personnel are restricted to perform certain duties without the permit, if this happens, he will be violating pharmacy code. Such restrictions include the following, conducting prospective drug use or evaluating patient medical condition, giving drug prescription to patient without verification from practitioner authorized and making any decision concerning pharmacy professional judgment, like interpreting or applying information among others.

National Pharmacy Technician Association (NPTA) is one of the world largest organizations founded mainly to support pharmacy technicians. The agencies are dedicated to advances the values of pharmacy technicians and important function in pharmaceutical care. In a community of many organizations, they believe it takes more than a mission to meet their target set and provide needed leadership in the pharmacy profession. The group is composed of pharmacy technician practicing that cover a broad range of services such as home care and long-term care.

American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT), the organization was founded in 1979 and become the first pharmacy technician association. Its leadership and represent the interest of their members to the public. It also promotes safety efficacious and cost effective dispensing and continuous education program to assist technicians to update their skills and keep up with changing pace in pharmacy services.



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