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Texas US Senator Representative is Ted Cruz. The senator tax plan was to institute a flat 10 percent tax rate on all peoples income with a big standard deduction and the personal exemption. An increase in the Standard Deduction while retaining the personal exemption. His plan is to eliminate the corporate income tax and provide a temporary tax holiday at a 10 percent rate which is lower than the actual 35 percent rate on any deferred foreign profits that are expelled.

Ted Cruz supports the idea of returning the illegal immigrants to their country of origin. He mentioned that the people who are apprehended trying to enter the country without the consent should be detained until they are removed from the United States. He supports the reduction on restrictions on onshore energy production He proposed the ending restrictions on crude oil and liquefied natural gas exports and eliminating the renewable fuel standard and opening offshore blocks currently off limits to drilling.

Ted Cruz supports mentioned that pro-life legislation is a war on women. He mentioned that the legislation is extreme and is aimed to get rid of reasonable restrictions on abortion that the country has put in place. He says that abortions should be universally available without limits and paid for by the taxpayers


The idea of liberalism stands on the ground of heavy government involvement. The main theme is the commitment to the individual and to the construction of the society in which the people can satisfy their own interest and achieve a sort of fulfillment. The liberal belief is that human beings are important and they must enjoy their freedom. The core values of liberalism as an ideology is rationalism, freedom, individualism, justice, and toleration

Being a liberal, my main idea is that the government should put more effort in helping the people of the United States in solving their problems. The government should regulate the economy specifically the market system as it tends to level up the playing areas for everyone and prevent the large businesses for monopolizing the economy. Liberalism main focus is the prosperity of the economy in the public sector. And not the private system. CITATION Ste97 \l 2057 (Kautz)President Obama being elected as a Liberal leader made sure that modern liberalism in the United States is fulfilled. The Supreme Courts Landmark 5-4 decision that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry was attained in his reign. The voting rights of adult citizens are quite implemented. Liberalism supports the civil rights, environmentalism and provision of equal education, health services, infrastructure in order to promote the well-being of the citizens CITATION Lud10 \l 2057 (Mises)The government has helped the Americans gets insurance cover. The health bill in referred to as the Obamacare legislation was made to ensure that the federal government is able to give out subsidies to the people no matter where they are signed up in the federal or the state based. This helped the people as the rate of the uninsured reduced below 10 percent. Liberal government has ensured people in the leadership get to observe human rights and the laws. The leaders get elected freely and in affair manner. In this case, the citizens entrust them to take care of their welfare and good governance. Leadership gets decentralized and gives the citizens the role to play in the governance CITATION Geo102 \l 2057 (Lakoff)The government should provide more services and facilities to the less and can increase taxes if need be. The high-income earners should pay a larger share of their income as taxes. This to a large extent brings the wealth distribution among the citizens. The people to in a liberal society look up to the government to a structure of rules which will protect the individuals for an equal state.


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