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The trustee model

The trustee model of representation is a model based on entrusting a chosen representative with the power and the authority to represent those who elect him or her. The strengths of this model are that the representative has the complete trust of the electorate and therefore he is at liberty to legislate according to how he feels is right. The weakness of this model, however, is that the judgment made by the representative may not be all-inclusive and there could be instances where he could make wrong judgments unwillingly.

The instructed delegate model

In this model of representation, the officials legislate according to the will of the people that elected them. They are supposed to gather the opinions of those that he represents. The advantage of this representation model is that the voice of the people is heard and that the final decision is against their will. The disadvantage, however, is that it is time-consuming, and in instances where the people have different opinions, reaching a consensus is difficult.

The Mayhew model

In this type of design, the politicians are at the liberty of legislating in any way that they feel will get them reelected back top office. The advantage of this model is that the politicians in most instances will strive to legislate in the right manner to get popular and stand a chance for reelection. The disadvantage, however, is that the politicians may corrupt the view of the electorate and get them to think that they are working for the benefit of the electorate, just to serve their interest in the event of reelection.

In your view, is the Congress doing a good job' representing and protecting the natural rights of the American people?

In my opinion, the representatives who are in the Congress, and tasked with the responsibility of representation, are not entirely devoted to the service of the people, and in fact, there are some whose priority is to serve their primary interests and do not value the service they offer to the people.

If not, why do you think that some people continue to elect/ reelect?

The reason behind the reelection of individuals who have previously been voted in and failed to protect the natural rights of the American people and instead exhibit inefficiency is because most of the Americans who participate in the electoral process are unaware of some of their rights. They, therefore, elect their representatives by mare propaganda instead of analyzing facts.

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