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Globalization is characterized as the procedure of global integration beginning from the trading of world perspectives, ideologies, items, leaders and different aspects of culture. Therefore, a global organization is an international coalition that includes diverse taking part countries. Globalization energies free development of exchange and individuals among the different nations being founded on the arrangements or agreements marked by the nations. In 2000, International Monetary Fund (IMF) through their successful administration explained four fundamental parts of globalization: capital and investment developments, migration, trade, and development of individuals, and the spread of appropriate knowledge (Dunning, 2014).

Identification of the Issue

The global future of leadership can be dictated by the pioneers by their present activities and the decisions the decisions they make day by day. Global future is unified with practical and improving economy which coordinate strategic thinking and planning that is worthy of the biblical world (De Anca & Vega, 2016).

Statement of the Position

Leaders are the general population who decide the worldwide future through their activities of having the enthusiasm of retaining the differing society and accomplishing the required aptitudes. This paper looks at my position of how leaders can effectively shape the future by their present activities and decisions they make every day by having the scriptural perspective of the ethics, for example, humility.

The body

A global leader is one who prevails on the present day businesses of the unpredictable global economy via bringing out business around the globe through the opening of branches. Organizations that are globally based have remarkable qualities of having operations, coalitions, accomplices and best authority that is essentially speaking to each worldwide locale. To have a powerful global acknowledged business one ought to have the capacity to procure an arrangement of skills that will be fundamental in working crosswise over national, provincial and sub-national limits to propel the business and guaranteeing superior (Gresh et al., 2015). The above abilities incorporate the accompanying; humility, a long lasting interest, overseas experience, profound awareness, affect ability to decent social variety, great mediator, worldwide vital considering, presence and articulate skills. This will upgrade the worldwide eventual fate of the association. This is as indicated by George an MBA tutor teaching Authentic Leadership Development (ALD) course at Harvard school of business. This can be a limit in a way that it does not ensure the business to perform well in the universal market.

For a global leader to succeed in the global business, I advocate for one to have an affectability to the distinctive social decent variety among various countries. There is a decent social variety concerning dialect, culinary skills, social conduct i.e. the way they handle the outsiders, their method for welcoming visitors. (De Anca & Vega, 2016) For example, on the off chance that one need to open a business in Croatia, it is critical for one to in any event go to Croatian language classes to comprehend the basics of the language and culture. Likewise, know their social culture, for example, the way they call each other i.e. they add postfix ic to the names, for instance, Mr. Peris is called Perisic. They welcome each other by bowing down as a murmur of regard. In conclusion, they have confidence in the energy of independence i.e. they trust in culture and the structure of the chain of importance in their associations (Baylis et al., 2017).

Supporting evidence

From the research on the main impetuses of a worldwide future i.e. the one with a manageable and growing economy incorporates the free development of merchandise and enterprises. This aide in the unwinding of the trade barriers among the countries required through the development of organized commerce zones in Europe, North America, and Asia. With the development of the zones, there has been the abolishment of customs duties and the exclusion from paying some specific taxes. This supports remote venture consequently expanding a national GDP. The patterns in the global future have prompted advancements, innovativeness and intensity culture for the worldwide organizations to keep up their position in the business sectors. The second drive is an extension of transnational organizations because of economic liberalization which has enabled organizations to push ahead to work and content in the abroad markets (Baldwin, 2016). Neighborhood directions have been casual to guarantee remote speculators can come in the nation and work together. Different strengths incorporate mechanical changes which have empowered organizations to keep running in various nations effectively, relocation of work where gifted moves abroad to grow their insight and procure high compensations. There is greater risk presentation whereby organizations need to extend the business chance by moving to various nations to guarantee they spread the risk (Crane & Matten, 2016). From the measurable information on International Affairs Indexes and Country Rankings, the main impetuses patterns are set to change in the coming years.


A global leader needs a global strategic thinking which is essential as it encourages the individual to think of approaches to improve performing better in the worldwide markets. The idea has its focal points and impediments, yet the advantages exceed the breaking points. It can be connected to the key administration process since it includes the era and use of one of a kind business observations and openings with the essential point of making an upper hand for the association. It can be an individual procedure or a group of best administration whereby the gathering is the most favored because it makes more an incentive by empowering a proactive and inventive discourse (Pieterse, 2015). With along these lines of considering, all supervisors comprehend the significance of the globalization and their capacities to the working framework to upgrade accomplishment of objectives and goals of the organization. Worldwide strategic thinking has five qualities which are framework point of view which comprehends ramifications of strategic actions, eagerly centered, timely decision-making, theory driven and intelligent opportunism. One of the weaknesses of the idea is that it needs preparing for one to the full create it and preparing is exorbitant because it requires specialists.

According to the Bible, a leader is characterized as a servant of the people who can encourage cooperation among his kin i.e. he urges devotees to cooperate over contending with each other in that organization. Likewise, a servant leader is one who participates in genuine assessment whereby he urges individuals to assess themselves as opposed to passing judgment on others with this it lessens clashes and improves confidence (Hay & Marsh, 2016). The authoritative leader ought to have the above characteristics of the hireling pioneer with the goal that he or she performs viable in the worldwide markets. For example, working in groups will empower the representatives to give an inventive and imaginative answer for the issues they confront as an association. Reconciliation of authoritative administration and scriptural perspective it causes the pioneer to build up the required suitable initiative ethics, for example, tolerance, lowliness, aware among others. These qualities are known as gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.


With the above ideas of the global organization, there is a cause-impact association with the results. For example, with strategic thinking, there will be a superior performance of the organization overseas since the administration will have the capacity to think of business ways and opportunities that will take into account the requirements of the specific nation.


With the changing and advancement in the driving forces, for example, abroad innovation business is currently performing better since it helps in basic leadership and the smooth running of the organization. It, in any case, accompany the expenses since the representatives must be prepared on utilizing the innovation and grasping it. Without grasping the way of life of the nation you are putting resources into, you will most likely face dismissals thus the poor execution of the association.



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