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The author of the letter intentionally sets the readers in a state of sequential anxiety and eagerness to get more information of what has occurred. This allows his audience to remain fixated and reward him with undivided attention. For instance, he begins the first paragraph by illustrating his aura and personality as well as his limits in a reaction drawing the audience with background questions of who really is the author.

The author elaborates cooperation with good civil disobedience by observing that the individual has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws thereby, calling for nonviolent direct action which will lead to negotiations. Through dramatization of crucial issues, tension that arises leads to antagonistic parties joining forces to resolve issues. As such, disobedience to unjust laws portrays the highest respect for laws of the land and seeks to increase awareness of the infringement of the democratic rights of many in the society.

According to the author, violent resistance to segregation, in as much as it backs the connotation that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor but rather demanded for by the oppressed. Non-cooperation with evil is also highlighted by the author where he refutes to be partisan of awaiting the new administration to settle in and also discredits critics of untimely. Martin Luther King calls on the clergy to refrain from tolerance of the unjust laws whether on application as partisan denial of democratic rights or theoretical infringing some citizens due to their skin color.

Martin Luther king emphasizes the need for Sympathy justice where he calls on the clergy to exercise the masses by the white and discredits the regard of time as a means of solving all evils in the society. He also notes that sympathy justice for the masses can only be achieved through persistent and determined efforts to reform society mindsets and encouraging social revolution.


The author openly is straightforward and precise to his audience by denoting his discontentment in being renamed an extremist and being accused of precipitating violence. He openly disclaims disappointment in the white church and its leadership given the circumstances where they ought to have stood for what is right. On the other hand he does not ignore the fact that some white churches based in the South have upheld social revolution and granted colored people equal opportunities as themselves in their ministries.

He also notes that injustices degrade the human personality and disregards colored people as substantial people in the society. These injustices have also extended into churches whereby the latter has grown weaker over time and become an ineffective voice in the society. Leaders no longer regard what churches are vocal about due to divisions and interests.

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