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The Great Gatsby, a 1925 novel, primarily focuses on a young millionaire Jay Gatsby. He is passionate and obsessed by the beauty of former lover Daisy Buchanan. It narrates about a man, Gatsby, who got wealth but did not live life as he expected. The Story is told by Nick Carraway, around 1922, who was once Gatsbys neighbor. The story starts after Nick has moved from Midwest to West Egg, Long Island where he is seeking his fortune as bonds salesman. Shortly after his arrival, he visits his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom who they met at college. He meets Jordan Baker, a professional golf player who turns to be his girlfriend.

The novel focuses on infidelity issues surrounding some characters among them Daisy, Myrtle and Jordan. The three ladies have some common traits though they differ a lot.

Daisy Buchanan, Nicks cousin, is married to Tom but has a secret affair with Gatsby her previous lover. She represents elite social class women. She is the Novels most obscure and disappointing character. She promised to wait for Gatsby, but after meeting Tom Buchanan, who was extremely wealthy, the promised was broken.

Myrtle Wilson is wife to George, a garage owner. Her marriage with George seems loveless as she is having an affair with Tom. She jealous of Daisy Toms wife because she feels Tom is not giving enough attention. The author paints her as an earthly and voluptuous lady desperate to improve her life.

Jordan Baker is a longtime friend of Daisy. She is a professional golfer who cheated to her fir tournament win. Her physical appearance attracts Nick who dates her for some time. They break up because Nick is immoral and corrupt just like her.

Daisy and Myrtle come out unfaithful; despite both being married they are involved in a secret relationship. Daisy failed to wait for Gatsby to marry Tom because of his wealth. Myrtle cheats her husband with Tom because of his money. It is because of Toms social status that the two ladies entertain him, hence materialistic. Unlike Daisy Myrtle seems inhuman. This is because she lives with a man who she does not love, as the author says she is in a loveless marriage.

Daisy and Jordan are long life friends; they share some characters traits. Both of them love high lifestyles and wealthy men. The main cause of Jordan and Nick break up can be attributed to his simple lifestyle. Just like Daisy, Jordan uses his physical appearance to attract wealthy men.

The three ladies are materialistic; their relationships have hidden agendas of acquiring more wealth. They are not hard working but only desperate to make it in life by any means. Jordan for example cheated for her golf win.

Daisy lives a hypocrisy live but as the story develops she comes out to be merciless. She kills Myrtle Wilson with Gatsbys car. Even after Gatsby taking full responsibility for the killing, Daisy fails to attend his burial. She instead goes for a trip with Tom.

The three have brought out as having immature brains and unable to make decisions about their lives. Daisy, for example, reunites with her old lover whom she ditched for Tom. Myrtle, on the other hand, continues to live with her husband despite not loving him. She continues having an affair with Tom even after Daisy being aware; this is what causes her death. Jordan Baker, on the other hand, fails to work hard and lives standards of the likes of Gatsby who are rich.

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