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Part A-Page 56

People tend to write poems and songs which could relate to pain, power, sexual love, broken treaties or their ancient beliefs. The Cherokee war song tends to be a translation of the war song. Cherokee war song is an American war poetry which helps understand the history of the nation. The song mainly passes across information regarding the history of the Cherokee people.

The use of imagery has been used in the Cherokee war song to help the reader to have a clear picture regarding the people of Cherokee. The writer has used similes in his writing to compare the men and women to appeal to our senses. Through the use of imagery, there is evidence of romanticism as it creates mental snapshots to appeal to our senses. For example in when the writer says like men, we go to meet our countrys foes (Stanza 2, line 5).It helps understand the courage that the women have gained, and they are ready to fight their enemies so that they can gain certain rights. The Cherokee women had been enslaved for a long period they are compared to the men since men have been well known to be the ones who go to the battlefields.

Figurative language has been used to create new insights to the reader through the use of irony and alliteration. It is Ironical when the women are being considered to be the ones to set the people of Cherokee free from their slavery hence they are supposed to go to war yet in real life situations the men are the ones who are supposed to protect their families and hence they expected to fight the foes of their country. For example, the use of irony is evident when the writer says for you alone we would conserve our lives in (stanza 5, line 25). Emphasis has also been used as a figurative language to show the fear of their foes through the utilization of the words panting flies in (stanza 3 line 1).It can be regarded as an enthusiasm of the uncivilized whereby the people of Cherokee are more primitive than their foes who are the American citizens.

The choice of words that have been used in the poem makes the poem to be uniquely romantic. The last words in most lines have a rhyme scheme which makes the poem to be musical. It makes the poem to be entertaining as the last sounds in the lines is similar. For example in the third stanza, Line 2 and three ends with nd and line 5 and 6 ends with rn which makes these sentences to have AA, BB rhyme scheme. The poem uses a sorrowful tone out of the choice of words that the writer uses. It also shows the affection that exists between families. In the fifth and sixth stanza, the writer talks about farewell of those who will die during the period of the war whereby there is mourning due to the pain of being left by the loved ones in the family. It makes the poem romantic in a unique way since in a battlefield some people lose their lives in the process of fighting for their human rights or reaffirmation of power.


Part B

The Prairies poem by William Cullen Bryants tries to tell about various accounts through the use of the natural and wild ways of nature. The central theme of this poem is about the generations of nature and civilization. In the movie America had become more civilized which had led to the market revolution that resulted in the construction of railways, canals, roads and also the communication sector improved and people started using telegraphs. The writer expresses his thoughts about how nature seems not to be changing, but the people around it keep on changing.

The use of deserts and fields in the poem have been used to show the beautiful places that nature offers. Bryant uses the poem to show that nature makes America a unique place and a beautiful place to the world. The use of the image of the wilderness when he says about the unshorn, boundless and beautiful fields (Stanza 1, line 2).The imagery was used to show that the Americans were not a hostage of what marked the European history. It revealed that England had no equal to the wild of America and the two were incomparable. The use of the sun, ocean, and trees are used to show the manner in which nature does not change as long as it is well taken care of (p.117). They imagined the world to be flat and round (p .118)

This poem fits the definition of romanticism it gives an image of nature whereby gives an individual the imagination of the love of nature whereby if it is preserved then it would not change despite everything else changing. America changed from being uncivilized to civilized, and that resulted to the immigration of people, the building of industries and also people started to go to work rather than working from home.


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