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The Martian is a novel of science fiction which was written by Andy Weir in the year 2011.The novel is about an American astronaut whose name is Mark Watney. Mark Watney acts as the main character in the novel. Mark Watney is stranded on Mars in the year 2035 with no one to help him, and hence he must think on ways that he can improvise to help him to survive while there. His former crewmates later come to rescue him (Weir, 2016).

The main idea that the writer of this novel wanted to pass across to the readers was the theme of Isolation this is evident when Mark stays on Mars alone with no one to talk to for two years before he is rescued, the writer wanted to show the idea of fear when he wrote this book. When Martin discovers that he had a little amount of food, water and oxygen left he fears that he might not be able to make it before he is rescued. Fear makes him think of various things to do to help him survive. The writer also wanted to pass the idea of science. This novel has been acted on Earth and Mars, the novel itself is all about fiction science. The writer also wanted to pass the idea of sacrificing and loving one another to the readers of the book. In the novel, we see people all over sacrificing to save others. The writer also wanted to pass on the subject of perseverance as we Mark while in Mars he perseveres all the hardships he goes through while there. He also wants the readers to learn the art of friendship and caring for one another. The writer also while writing this novel wanted the reader to know how a man can fight for his survival in the Natural world.

Mark Watney was left on Mars by his fellow crewmen after the Ares 3 mission to Mars had gone wrong. The crew all through thought that Mark had died yet he was still alive. The reason that had led to Mark being chosen to take place in that mission was that he was very awesome, courageous and also a person who is usually able to keep his sense of humor. Once Mark realizes that he is on Mars alone the first thing that he does is to perform some calculations so as to know how to be able to make it while there. He finds out that he only has a small amount of food and air which is left for him to us before any of his colleagues in NASA comes to his rescue. It is weird that Mark is more worried about food finishing rather than getting worried that an asteroid would hit him while there if he doesnt take care of himself. His only entertainment while there are disco music and books which are selected by other people. It is more horrifying since Mark does not even have a means through which he can communicate with his colleagues since the device that he has for the communication purpose has a broken antenna.

After sometime NASA knows that Mark is still alive and they start monitoring him. Despite that, the reality is that for him to be rescued, it will take four years for a mission to save him taking place which his boss Teddy Sanders become resistant about it. The other reality he has to face is that he will need to grow his food so as to survive there. In the end, a crew is sent back to the planet without Teddys knowledge by Mitch Henderson who was a scientist.

I liked this book since I was able to learn about different ways that a person can survive on Mars. The characters are also so moving especially the main character in the book Mark since he does not give up in life after he is left on Mars he still have hopes that one day he will be rescued by his colleagues and hence starts to figure out ways that will help him to continue surviving while there.


Weir, A. (2016). The Martian: A novel.


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