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I chose Vera Sidika ( who most of her photos suggest that she is a socialite who uses her perfect body structure, her beauty, and her fame to capture the attention of all the onlookers who follow her page.

Regarding the photo labeled photo 1.1, Veras background shows that she is enjoying her life, with kind of bed, an expensive handbag, a perfect blonde hairstyle, and a beautiful tight clothing making everyone who views her photos to speculate on the type of job she does. She depicts herself in the manner that she is finding something in her bag for instance if she has carried her shopping card, Mastercard or enough cash to make her enjoy her day out. She does a perfect makeup since she is an African woman but her hair is blonde, to the point of failing to notice her race. Also, the lighting involved is depicting that the house is a real mansion with all the requirements in it since there is both a mobile phone and a house phone on the desk near her bed. She faces sideways to make her hair to see clearly. Her facial expressions show that she is comfortable with what she is owning and that she cant live a life lower than what she is displaying.

Photo 1.2

In this Veras selfie photo, she has a short, suggestive dress which is an attention seeker for anybody who comes across her picture on Facebook. Also, she has a dress with a caption suggesting that she colludes with some people and she only seeks for apologies which are in the form of dollars and cash. For instance, her dress says, I only accept apologies in cash. Thanks. In this kind of photo, she has a perfect black wig that is well fitted making it look like her natural hair. She has applied her makeups correctly, with red lipstick, she shows off her tattoo that is slightly covered, and on her desk, she owns an Apple laptop. She is showing all the characters of a socialite who can hook up and go on a date with only guys with enough money to sustain her. Her facial expressions show that she is somehow upset by someone who might have messed her up to the point of wearing a cloth with a self-driven message to the person.

Photo 1.3.

In this photo, she displays a range rover sport and a perfect flower garden around the parking station of her car. This shows that she is an independent woman with the fact that her photo displays her with expensive attires like a sizable modern handbag and a perfect grey wig matching with her clothes. She is facing the camera with an excellent pose and posture which makes her display her feminine figure with amazing curves. The color of her cloth is a mixture of white and grey which are accompanied with a bright lighting. Her makeups make her acquire confusing identity since she is a black lady according to her true identity. With close analysis of the image, Vera seems to have applied thorough filters since she looks like a model human being with no mark or any imperfection. Therefore, she is trying to adopt a different identity that is far from her identity as a black lady due to the makeups and the blonde wig she has made herself.


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