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Mansour Sliman is a painter who was born in 1947 in Birzeit, Palestine. In his early years of his life, he lived in Birzeit and Bethlehem together with his grandmother. His grandmother was a potter who used traditional methods of straw and mud- an experience that assisted Mansour in his artistic career. He was determined to attend schooling at the Art Institute of Chicago, but after the war between Israel and Palestinian he chose to attend Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Palestine and graduated in 1970. In his career, most of the work was about visualizing the struggle of Palestinian throughout their history. At early stages of his career as a painter, his main objective was to depict how individuals were rooted to their land. Most of these arts showed Palestinian culture, olive groves, villagers and farmers, and orange trees.

The art perseverance and hope is a painting that shows the struggle that Palestinians have gone through for an extended period. The artist was influenced to draw this work due to his love for the country. He also witnessed a 6-day war between Palestinian and Israel, and after his mother country (Palestine) was defeated, Israel took their land and destroyed most of the refugees camps. The primary objective is to inspire people by understanding that the nation has undergone through numerous hard times hence they should not give up. They should continue struggling even during hard times and be hopeful that one a savior will rescue them. He catches his followers emotions by the fact that all people in this artistic work are tied their hands using a rope. In the background, some individuals are also tied their eye meaning they can be undergoing much torture. Additionally, others can be seen while struggling with hard work as they are carrying hard objects.

The painting was drawn on a large paper of 99.2 by 79.2 cm to ensure it was visible form a long distance and could appeal to the customers. The artist used traditional oil painting technique where he sketched the subject on a canvas using thinned paint. The reason why the artist used oil on canvas is due to its glossiness and workability that gives the image an edge. The oil paint is highly used because can be easily and quickly mixed with many other colors on a palette. The oil on canvas consists of three major components- binder, pigment and a thinner. Binder is the carrier that holds pigment applied to the canvas while pigment is the color component. A thinner is then applied to the thick pigment-oil mixture to ensure it is easier to brush.

The painting can be found today at Doha museum where people are required to pay a certain amount as was of appreciating the great work of this great artist. The image of the three men who are tied both their hands is a reminder of old days when Palestine was going through a struggle, but their endurance and hope made the country to be set free. Initially, the art was resonated locally using printed posters, and it was displayed in public and homes venues. After Sliman participated in the exhibition of the League of Palestinian artists in 1975, he was inspired to continue with his career and made this painting. The painting enabled him to contribute to the development of more advanced infrastructure for fine arts throughout the whole country.


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