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Toddy was the playboy whose manners saw him chased out of school for four times. He was the new boy in the school, but he was very famous within the first week. When he reported for his first day, Toddy was accompanied by his elder brother who introduced himself to the school principal as his father. The principal however doubted this young man who donned loose pants and halfway-buttoned shirt. His accent was laced with heavy slang that made communication with the principal difficult. I brought my son today as indicated in the admission letter. I hope that you will find a cool environment here for my boy. The principal nodded as he dismissed the father from his office. But before he left, Toddys brother looked at the principal and asked if the school had a pimped basketball pitch and martial art classes. The school did not have these amenities so the principal ignored this man who arrogantly bounced out of the office. Toddy was left in the principals office to give a brief background about him. I am famous, started Toddy. By 12 years I was already recording at BumBum. I have five labels under my name as we speak. I am sure you will find me very useful in the music club. I want us to understand each other young man, the school principal interjected before Toddy veered off the conversation again, the sole reason why we take children here if to fill their head with an education. I appreciate that you are gifted in music but here is a different business. I hope we are reading from the same page. The principal called the secretary to take photos of Toddy and process an ID card for him. He later called the class master for Grade 12 to show Toddy around the school and introduce him to his classmates. By the end of his first day in the new school, it dawned to Toddy that this place was different from what he was used to, but at the back of his mind he knew that his fan base would emerge sooner than later.

Toddy was having a smooth time in the school socializing with peers and making new friends. He attended his classes in full and submitted all his assignments on time. He did all this to attract friends from all sorts of personalities. He even joined group discussions and did a lot of research to prove his worthiness among the class mates. With this tactic, Toddy became friends to taciturn girls in the school. Besides his expression of hypocritical submission, Toddy gathered a group of rogue boys every afternoon behind the library and taught them how do perform rap songs. It is indeed true that he was already in the music industry with more than one album. He told his friends to look him on You Tube and listen to his music. With time, Toddy was popular among all students. The girls in the schools cheering squad often followed him for his music. He was neither here nor there as his academic performance started deteriorating. However, he kept the double standard of academics and playfulness since he wanted to appeal the principle for him to stay in school.

Clare, one of the introvert girls from Toddys discussion group was a conservative person. She was a Hispanic whose parents were workers in the steel mill factory. Her parents were yet to be documented although the government acknowledged the presence in the country. Clare was born in the country but his parents later went back to South America and left her with her uncle. She school all her life in the country, while her parents occasionally visited to assess her progress. Since her 10th grade, Clare kept way from boys and focused on her education. She rarely hung around male friends in school or outside the school compound. The only male companion she knew was her look-alike in character called Miguel, her cousin. Every evening since her childhood, her uncle reminded her that it was a privilege to get an education. He also told her that her parents wished for her to pass all exams to attend a good college and later land a job as a lawyer or an engineer. Her uncle worked at a fuelling station as a pump attendant. They never lived under the best of conditions but at least owned a small house in a middle class neighborhood. She, however, knew that none of this belonged to her or her parents. She, therefore, invested all her time in education with the hope of improving her life and that of her parents. She was always committed and utilized every available chance to improve her grades. Her encounter with Toddy in the discussion group bred mutual affection, although she never knew that Toddy would take advantage of her innocence.

Toddy had just learned that Clare was vulnerable. He also knew that she felt isolated from boys due to her introvert personality. Toddy saw this as an opportunity to hit on her, which he did one Saturday afternoon. On this fateful day, Clare had left her home to go and collect some assignment handouts from the library. Toddy was aware of the assignment since the teacher had instructed the whole class to pick the papers from the school that day. Toddy carried with him two packs of Chinese food since he knew that Clare was a fan of surprises. He came to the library a bit earlier and took the learning materials. Instead of going back home, Toddy hung around the library compound and waited for Clare. When he saw her approaching, he went back to the library and leaned by the counter. When Clare entered the library, he greeted her with a hug. He also informed that that he had already collected the material for both of them, and there was no need for Clare to queue at the library. He further told her of the Chinese food, so both of them proceeded to the compound to have their lunch. Toddy later informed Clare of her intention of showing him the new mall where he was recording a new song. Star Mall was on the way to Clares home so she nodded to the suggestion. The two teenagers decided to walk since the mall was not far from the school. When they reached the mall, Toddy suggested that they took a photo together. Clare objected and said that she wanted a photo alone. Toddy told her to move on the floor above him so that he could take a better shot. As naughty as he was, Toddy took several photos of Clare, but he concentrated on her inner wear. He later told Clare to descend so that they could proceed to the studio. Clare said that this would not be possible since it was already getting late. The two of them parted as each one of them headed to their home.

On Monday the following week, Toddy carried her mobile phone to school. He wanted among other things to show his friends how superior he was even before the humble girls. He therefore opened her phones media to show his friends the perfect shots, while he bragged of his photography acumen. On seeing this, one of the friends snatched the phone and went further to look at the pictures. He realized that many of them shot Clares underwear. He hurriedly sent the photos to his email and later posted them on the schools website. Apparently, this boy was interested in Clare but was always turned away. He, therefore, took this as an opportune moment to make his revenge to this South American girl.

Clare was called by her friends that night inquiring if the photos circulating on the schools website were hers. So Clare logged onto to the website and confirmed her greatest fear. She was already living under the subjection of poverty and negative racial profiling, and this incidence just made life more difficult. She could not believe her eyes and was so ashamed to report to school the following morning. She contemplated on what her uncle would say after seeing the photos and wished that she could disappear from the face of the earth the same day. Clare had to complete her studies despite all this humiliation, but she had to contend living with this shame. From that moment, Clare lost her self-esteem and perpetually cursed the day she met the naughty Toddy.

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