Treatment of Chronic Neck Suffering: Flow Chart Representing Search Methods

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Research and data collection is very essential for the treatment of chronic neck suffering. The search methods enable the clinical officers to develop flexible and effective PICOT Questions. The following search methods are thus used to facilitate the acquisition of the appropriate data and information. The target group includes adults between 18 and 60 years. The search methods used in the study include observation, questionnaire, population, and sampling. Observation

The clinical officers will observe the health condition of the adults between the age of 18 and 60. The observation will be conducted at an interval of six weeks. Observation seeks to identify the difference between individuals with the chronic neck suffering and the individuals with the without such conditions. Observation also enables the clinical officers to determine the consumption and health culture of the target group.


Interviews comprise of face-to-face interactions where the clinical officers ask the members of the target audience different questions about chronic neck suffering. Different individuals are subjected to interviews at specific intervals within the research period. The interviews enable the officers determine the causes and effects of the conditions.

Population and sampling

The officers divide the population into different subgroups. The subgroups are determined based on the age and conditions of the patients. The subgroups are the used as a representation of the entire population. The results from the different subgroups are collected and combined for the analysis of the chronic neck suffering condition among the individuals in the population.

Questionnaire templates

Use of questionnaires involves the development of templates containing various questions. The officers provide the target group with different templates containing questions about chronic neck suffering. The audience collects the templates after filling.

The following flowchart is, therefore, used to represent the search activities:

My research question:

Treatment of Chronic neck suffering

Places to search for information:

Among adults between the age of 18 and 60. The search is conducted both in the communities and at the hospital.

List of sources searched: Date of search Search strategy used, including any limits Total number of results found Comments

Chronic neck suffering among adults between age 20 to 30 30th July 2017 Observation Reduction in chronic neck suffering Clinical officers should ensure the use of evidence-based practice to promote effective care services.

Chronic neck suffering among patients between 31 and 40 years 14th August 2017 Interview Food consumed by patients determines the rate of recovering. The nurses should improve interaction between patients and clinical officers to promote frequent check-up of individuals.

Chronic neck suffering among adults between 41 to 49 years 27th August 2017 Population and Sampling Physical therapy enhances the recovery and prevention of chronic neck suffering Physical therapists should work with the patients to promote professional physical activities and good medical condition.

Chronic neck suffering among adults between 50 to 60 years 8th September 2017 Questionnaire templates Improved nutrition boosts the health status of patients and develops appropriate health culture Clinical centers should ensure the patients are subjected to frequent check-up by the nutritionist to develop appropriate and health consumption culture.


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