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Many people in the society today have the high blood pressure mainly because of the lifestyle that people live nowadays. The hypertension problem can be medically treated, and also our lifestyle can help treat it as well. High blood pressure causes a lot of complications like stroke, vision loss, dementia, kidney failure and damage to the blood vessel. According to my PICOT question which is; how effective is the management of high blood pressure using lifestyle changes as compared to the using of antihypertensive medication to achieve long-term health and wellness of the patient within six months. According to PET process, it is possible because the process will guide you on how to avoid the hypertension problem and how to maintain it too ("EBP Curriculum handout", 2015).

The PET process will guide the individual through recruiting some people that have the same problem so that they can motivate each other. Then they will ask themselves the PICOT question, assign themselves a responsibility then finally have a scheduled meeting to help in keeping up with each other. The process explained is the first phase that has the practice questions. The second step is the evidence, which is responsible for researching the agenda which involves having the evidence to support their PICOT question. Through the research and having the evidence it will be easier to convince the individuals in the process to start their practice ("EBP Curriculum handout", 2015).

The third phase is the translation which helps in having a fit program, action plan, implementation of the plan, evaluation of the outcomes, identifying the future steps and disseminating the results. In the third phase, it is possible for an individual to confirm the PICOT question to be true or false ("EBP Curriculum handout", 2015).

When the PET process is followed it is possible to treat and control the high blood by changing the lifestyle because the basics that one can start with is easy. For example, one should avoid too much use of salt especially in their food ("Best Drug To Treat Hypertension | Life Extension", 2017). Other ways are frequently exercising, like 30 min aerobics exercise on most days of the week because through that there is a possibility of reducing 4 to 9 mmHg. For the individuals who are alcohol, drinkers should minimize the consumption of alcohol and also should quit smoking as well. Through these few changes in their lifestyles and following the PET process, change of lifestyle is very useful in treatment and control of high blood pressure in people (Publishing, 2017).

One should be able to record the process through which they followed while controlling hypertension. This can be done through a video, or the record of the pressure readings to see if there is progress that can be helpful to him or any other person. Having the records motivates the individual including other people who will use the record as their reference ("Best Drug To Treat Hypertension | Life Extension", 2017).

In summary, the PET process has helped many patients and other individuals who are having the hypertension problem or any other sickness. The pet process is changing ones lifestyle and using it for a right course, especially in the medical field. The practice-evidence-translation phase is more like a guideline that helps in controlling sicknesses that can be controlled. In hypertension sickness, there are medicines, but it is useful to change our lifestyle since it is also brought about by the same lifestyle that the individuals are living. Having changes in their lifestyle for the better will help the individual not get affected or even control the sickness. Therefore a change of lifestyle is very effective in patients with hypertension because it is controllable.



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