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The human development approach has done much to broaden and enrich the literature of development. Notably, it has assisted in shifting the focus of advancement attention away from an overarching emphasis on the augmentation of inanimate objects of freedom such as materials produced to the richness and quality of human lives that rely on some influences, of which production commodity is simply solitary. Human security represents an accretion of the concept of human development embedding rights to safety and security (Paris, 2001). This development, at the turn of the millennium, was motivated by further recognition of the nature of civil war, which until almost a decade ago, was a subject not generally analyzed by development economists.

Human development focuses on eliminating various hindrances which can restrict or restrain human lives and alter its blooming. Some of these interests are obtained in human development index (HDI), which has acted an as item of flagship of the human development strategy. But the extent of that perception has motivated various informational coverage as well as other associated publications which proceeds beyond the human development index (HDI) (Lind, 2014). The notion of human development, broad in its form, however, has a strong optimistic value, since its primary concern is with the argumentation and progress. It is out to get the better of new places for the purpose of enhancing peoples lives and is way too optimistic to emphasize on rearguard activities necessary for securing what should be secured. At this point, the idea of human security becomes particularly pertinent.

As an idea, the concept of human security successfully supplements the perspective of an expansionist of human development through paying attention directly to what are at times considered downside hazards. The insecurities that make threats to the survival of people or the safety of their daily lives, or endanger the nature of men and womens dignity, or expose humans to the uncertainty of pestilence and disease. Or otherwise subject vulnerable individuals to abrupt poverty in relation to economic depressions insist that particular attention should be paid to the risks of abrupt withdrawal. Human security requires protection from such hazards and empowering individuals so as to deal with with and whenever possible prevail over these dangers.

Of course, this is no fundamental opposition between the emphasis on human security and subject matter of the human development strategy. In fact, safety and security can additionally be seen as augmentations of a different category, to wit that of security and safety. However, the priorities and emphasis are entirely dissimilar in the cautious perception of human security from those that exist typically in the relative upbeat and upward-oriented writing of the human emphasis of approaches of development, and this additionally applies to human development, which tends to focus on the augmentation and fairness, a topic that has created different writings and inspired various policy initiatives (Barnett & Adger, 2007).

On the contrary, emphasis on human security obligates that significant attention should paid to recessions with security, in view of the fact that recessions might obviously take place from one time to the other, fed by local or global afflictions (Alkire, 2002). This adds to the harsh conditions of constant uncertainties of those whom the development process does not include, such as the workers who are put out of place or the perennially unemployed. Even when the much-debated issues of uneven and unfairly shared benefits of expansion and growth have been addressed successfully, a sudden decline can make the vulnerable populations lives systematically and unusually deprived. It is, therefore, necessary to see how the different ideas of safety and security index and human development associate, but understanding why they can be viewed as a complementary concept is important.


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