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At the age of 13 during my birthday my dad gave me a small box which was meant to be my gift from him. Inside the box was a silver bracelet which had the family name engraved on the chain. The bracelet was pure silver and had been adjusted to fit my hand. This was such a lovely gift from my father, and it meant a lot to me. After he had handed the box over to me and made sure I had noticed what it contained. H told me that he needed to talk to me about the main reason behind the bracelet. He started by giving me a few facts about our family some of which I knew. These involved what a family means and the fact that family never breaks since this kills the roots of a person. He gave me different examples of his brothers and sisters as well as his mother and father, in this case, my grandparents. He sowed m different pictures of the family, and I realized something was universal among all the family picture. In every family picture, there was a family member who had the silver bracelet among them all. Before I could voice out this discovery, he asked me what I had noticed among all the pictures, and I was quick in response that I had noted that in every family picture there was a member who had the bracelet on.

He told me that in every generation that came before him till date one family member had to where the family bracelet which represented the family's union and strength. It was his time to pass on the bracelet, and I had to wear the bracelet. This was the best birthday I had ever had, since then I have had the bracelet on and taken care of it never losing sight of it by no chance. The bracelet has the personal connection between my family and me based on the brief information about the bracelets origin. The family has been such an important thing in my life, and I have seen family go through a lot for the sake of each other and waring the bracelet it gives me the feeling of having the family connected to each member. Each silver bond on the bracelet represents a family bond within the family, and the bonds are quite important.

Having had the bracelet over the past few years, it has taught me a few things such as responsibility, where I have to ensure that by no means am I to lose the bracelet. I have managed to ensure this does not happen by making sure it has to be off my hand only when necessary. I once misplaced it in my room over a weekend with my friends over, I remember forcing all of them to participate in the search for the bracelet which took almost an entire afternoon before we could trace it.

Having such an important thing in my life that is very important has been a feeling that I have no words to explain. Getting quite attached and having such an object to bring you closer to your family is also another thing. I always look at it and look at all the picture of my family with every different member who has ever worn it, and this makes me feel different and special in its own way. I feel special having been born in the family. The strength of the family I normally associate it with the different bonds on my bracelet which are very strong. The bracelet has been reinforced to make it stronger which tend to prove my point on the strong family bonds.

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