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My name is Julian, but that's not who I am. My personality is something I reflect on every day. There are a few traits which I consider to be positive- my friends, parents, and teachers tend to agree with me in this respect. Naturally, like every other person, I am not all sunshine and no rain. What I mean to say is that like every human being on this planet I have my bad qualities, my weaknesses, my flaws-call it what you may. I will talk about my bad attributes another day. I am sure it will be a fascinating topic. Today though, I will explain briefly on my best personality trait.

As I mentioned before I ask myself every single day "Who am I?" but that is not to mean that I always think about what my best personality traits are. I do not have a scorecard which I hang on the wall and give myself marks when I come back from school (though this looks to be an exciting idea). To get at my best personality trait, I have gone through a process where I have used the people in my life and me of course to get an honest and accurate description of who I am. What everybody agreed on and to my pleasure is that I am caring, charismatic and optimistic. These are three different words, but they are all tied together to result in my best quality. My parents told me that they appreciate the fact that I am always lending a helping hand when am at home.

My mother moved me when she said she considered me inspiring because of my caring nature. I am always ready to help out anybody- a friend in need or a stranger I just met it does not matter who needs assistance. It is my firm belief that the world becomes a much better place when somebody helps out another. I always have a smile and a word for everyone and am curious about people's lives. I want to know what my friends are up to, what is new in their lives and any other relevant events happening. A caring person always sets a good example to those around him to be equally concerned about others. There's also that great feeling one has when he does something for another.

My charismatic nature has got to do with the way I always want my environment to be a product of me instead of me being the product of my environment. People tell me often that I have leadership skills- maybe it has to do with my never say die attitude I never lose character no matter the situation even if it looks hopeless. I do not give up easily- if I fail to do something I try it again and again until I make it. My parents are always encouraging me never to give up and keep on at it. In that case, I guess I am an optimist concerning life- I believe good things are always just around the corner. In conclusion, I think caring, charismatic and optimistic is me in three words. When I was younger, my parents used to tell me that I was their bundle of joy. My mother still teases me with that phrase. I am what I am, and I always proclaim that my tomorrow must be better than me today.

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