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As birth documents suggest, I was born 21 years ago and grew up in an area around Virginia Beach. Just like most kids, life as a child offered memorable experiences that have remained edged in my memories for years. As I became more conscious of the world, I realized that my mother was the only person who was present in my life as the sole provider of all I could need in life; love, material things, and guidance that helped me overcome challenges of life.

Growing up as a child around Virginia Beach remains an important part of my history. During the weekends, my mother and I would go out and link up with other kids around the Beach for me to enjoy playing, bicycle-riding as well as participate in a running competition while my mother interacted with parents of other kids. This form of sport offered me the chance to break boredom that I experienced as I spent my free time playing computer games in the house.

As it happens often, kids tend to try things in the absence of parents, and this is exactly what happened to me when some kids and I tried out organizing a bicycle contest. And as bad luck would have it, an accident happened that would see me out of bicycle riding for years. It was on a Sunday afternoon when my friends and I gathered to compete in riding bicycles. The exercise involved two individuals riding in opposite directions. The expectation was that the winner was that child who managed to be the quickest in riding to a finishing point that was set in the middle of two extreme points. However, the competition ended prematurely after I twisted my ankle and, as such, spent many days in the hospital. This experience changed my mothers attitude towards the safety of my life as well as my aspirations.

The bicycle accident, however, was not the main reason as to why my mother exercised a lot of vigilance on my movements as a child as well as a teenager. As a single mother, she worked hard between two jobs to ensure that I had a nice place to live and access other basic needs. She often looked at me like a lioness watching over her kids. For instance, I recall during my elementary school studies in a given in one incident where she roundly reprimanded me for spending too much time on computers and television at the expense of homework. The effect of this concern about too much TV and computers made things difficult as the number programs that I watched on TV reduced significantly because my mother favored physical exercises to watching TV. Despite the strict enforcement, this supervision was saw me through K-12 studies after which I joined Deep Creek High School where I spent more years before graduating in 2013.All these achievements can be attributed to the efforts that my mother made to correct me every time she saw that a change of behavior that appeared to go against her expectations.

Getting married was a very decisive moment of my life. I got married on January 2, 2017, and I have got one child. Despite the fact that I did not grow up in a family of a husband and wife I decided to get married. This was motivated by the desire to be a family person, as a mother of one child and wife only time will be the driver of our lives.

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