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Many people have spread false rumors about Chinese developments that aim at transforming the world. It is so devastating that some people aim at envying the progress in their own country. The Chinese are coming movie emphasizes several incidents through which the Chinese have laid their efforts across the continent and specifically Africa and still their efforts are despised by the people who spread baseless accusations about their developments. Why dont people just take the economic development that the Chinese have brought to the world? This article seeks to analyze the main ideas of the Chinese are coming documentary, the significance of the Chinese country in the world and a summary of the most important points.

The movie is all about the achievements, and the shortcomings of Chinese projects have done in most countries. For instance, the railway in Angola is the result of Chinese, and yet most people still weigh down the efforts of China, and they consider it as a single benefit to China. Through an analysis of the roads that the Chinese have done, Angola is the City that had a record of a worlds most traffic problem-related company until the time when the Chinese set up their projects to build the roads. The truth about the negative comments about China is that countries fight to take their portion in this 21st international free trade through fake media news. Even though Chinese make their services cheap, it does not mean that their services are counterfeit (JI, Yuhua, & Jianping, n.p). The idea behind is that people must get to know the survival tactics of competing in the 21st-century trade in which the Chinese have succeeded.

It should be noted that the claims that Chinese are cons are null and void since they have proven to be people who try to transform the impossibilities in most countries in the world to possibilities. According to the documentary, it can be noted that the Chinese have never exploited the people they trade with the way the British rule did, but rather they offer them a challenge with the use of modern technology.

Even though the Chinese businesses are taking over the business of people in the Countries they visit like Zimbabwe, it should be known that competition is good for making products in the market to improve. For instance, in Zambia, the Chinese poultry farming has almost taken over the Chinese poultry farmers. The documentary communicates about how the Chinese are boosting their products with for instance the chicken. The reactions of the Zambians about how China is overexploiting residents with inflated Chicken business and other activities should not be overexaggerated but rather employ human health in the genetically modified animal and plant products that the Chinese have developed (JI, Yuhua, & Jianping, n.p).

It is true that everything beneficial must have shortcomings. Therefore, the idea that Chinese are overexploiting the Africans and other marginalized countries is somehow right, but on the other hand, their main purpose is economic, trade and infrastructure developments. What should be done is to involve world health organization in the genetically modified products that Chinese people have specialized in. The last point is that the Chinese companies are the lowest paying jobs and that most of the companies employ Chinese people only (JI, Yuhua, & Jianping, n.p). The questions should not be focused to mean that Chinese are egocentric but rather to the matter should focus on the fact that experience of the workers is what makes the latter to happen.

Therefore, adjustments should be made to train the local people that the Chinese companies launch their projects. It will solve the major problem that was outlined by the Zambians. In conclusion, the Chinese companies need to improve the employee compensation since the investigator discovered that the managers of the companies knew that they were exploiting people and rejected to respond to the investigation questions. Therefore, the documentary appreciates Chinese efforts of making Africa better but fails to safeguard the working conditions and competition in the countries they work with.

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