Sleep Deprivation: An Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated bibliography
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Collen, Harvey and Bruce Altevogt. "Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem." National Academies Press (2006): 1-280. Document.This study focuses on the health management of sleep deprivation. According to Collen and Bruce, this study features a structured analysis that explores improving awareness, Increasing investment and sleep medicine research training and mentoring activities. (5) With improved awareness, the general public and the health professionals will be able to identify this condition much earlier.

In this study on sleep deprivation, I plan to use the argument that sleep training and mentoring activities improve the outcome for individuals suffering from the disorder by considering the different impacts it has on statistics (32). There is also the argument that improved awareness betters the outcome (47) which I intend to use as a recommendation. Another important idea is the increased investments in interdisciplinary somnology (51) which I intend to use in my research to take note of any trends before and after the action. Lastly, I will use the identified direct relationship between sleep disorders and deprivation, and health problems to show how this affects the overall well-being of a person.

Fulke, Pedr and Sior Vaughan. "Sleep Deprivation: Causes, Effects and Treatment." NOVA Science Publishers, Inc (2009): 1-349. Document.This study considers the causes, effects and treatment of sleep deprivation. According to Fulke and Sior, it is a sufficient lack of restorative sleep over a cumulative period so as to cause physical or psychiatric symptoms and affect routine performances or tasks. (9)

I intend to use the information that Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are quite common and affect millions of people to argue how important this topic is (13). I will also use the argument on physiological effects of sleep deprivation on the brain (23) to show how the disorder actually impacts the body. Another important consideration will be given to the data on importance of sleep in critically ill patients (27) to act as recommendations for the research. Lastly, the correlation between excessive yawning and sleep deprivation (33) will be used to back up arguments made in the research paper.

Samaan, W.A. "Sleep Deprivation and ADHD: Cause and Effect." Edwin Mellen Press (2014): 1-350. Document.In this study, the relationship between sleep deprivation and ADHD is considered. According to Samaan, sleep leads to positive changes in ADHD. (14) Therefore, sleep deprivation should be avoided as it is one of the factors aggravating the ADHD.

In this study of the relationship between sleep and ADHD, I will use the new medicine which is Cognitive Restructuring Therapy (35) that focuses on sleep as a form of medicine to further explain the impacts of sleep deprivation on the human body (36). The argument that sleep affects specific parts of the mind will be used to support similar arguments in the research paper. Finally, the results of the study which indicate positive changes in the individuals with ADHD will be used for recommendations.


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