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Public administration assists in the explanation of how the government makes various decisions and also how projects are administered to carry out the decisions that have been made. It helps individuals to be in a position of giving back to the society through solving problems that are difficult and providing suitable solutions to them (Peters & Pierre, 2013).

I worked as a volunteer in one of the government offices whereby the administrator had to make various decisions that were supposed to be implemented. I worked in the accounting office which most of the times was supposed to allocate the funds that were to be used in the various projects that were being undertaken. I got a good and as well as a bad experience from the place. I was able to advance my skills in the various field through the help of my colleagues. The experience helped me to be in a position of handling numerical data which was used to decide the funds that were to be allocated to a given project. The experience of working with the public administration made it possible for me to use information technology such as the computers and also other accounting programs such as sage and quick books since they were the ones that were being used to carry out various calculations. It helped advance my verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Different people to inquire about multiple issues which required explanation and hence I was at times given the responsibility to respond to the queries of various individuals in the society and clients and this was a great experience for me. The experience helped me to become a better leader out of the various skills and knowledge that I gained. The unfortunate part of the experience is that everyone took advantage of me as being a volunteer and hence I was given most of the work to handle. Most of the people in the office were disrespectful to me and were very arrogant while dealing with since they treated me as a minor and since my status was low acting as a volunteer they gave me no respect. It made me have a hard time while working since it was very stressful.

I believe the experience would have been different if the manager was from a private sector. It is because in the public sector the manager is required to deal and control the needs and interests of most of the people which in most situations is usually the nation while in the private sector the manager tends to manage fewer needs which are subject to a given group or individual. It makes the public manager divert his attention in different areas and hence may end up not performing well unlike the private manager who has more time and therefore supervise what is done and ensure that it is done accordingly and this leads to quality of work being done. In the private sector, the manager ensures that the work is allocated equally without discrimination to ensure maintenance of high quality unlike in the public sector whereby I was required to handle most of the work since there was no close supervision by the manager as he lacked enough time. I believe better goals and objectives are set in the private sector and also the manner in which the success is measured since the objectives can be defined clearly through the use of the profit and loss that the organization has had. It differs to the public sector whereby the objectives of the public manager tend to be overarching, difficult to measure, abstract and undefined since in the public sector goals tend to be applied in a jurisdiction that is much broader as compared to a single business. The success of the goals set is measured by the betterment living standards of the entire society. The public manager is subjected to a lot of responsibilities but have very little authority and is required to follow strict procedural rules. In most cases in the public sector the powers of a manager to dismiss an employee who is not performing is very minimal unlike in the private sector where the managers have such authorities (Cropf & Wagner, 2017).

To improve the interaction, I would ensure that I use the right communication channel to ensure that I get the required information from the required sources to help prevent communication breakdown or any form of miscommunication. It will ensure that I do what is needed hence avoiding any form of conflict with my colleagues. I would also ensure that I give constant feedback to the manager or those am supposed to report to so that the problems that arise can be solved without any form of delay. It will help build trust between the manager and me and also my colleagues, and this will significantly improve our interaction.

In conclusion, for one to be able to take up any public administration job and provide quality services, he or she must love the people in the community to serve them better since it involves working and serving the community at large. It involves the administration of government policies and preparation of the civil servants for working in the public service. The public administrators are referred to as public servants who work in the public agencies and departments at all government levels.



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