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Hartsfield Jackson Airport is an international Atlantic travel company with a broad network of ground facilities. It offers travel services to over 250 destinations in a day, which are served by 2400 flights. It holds the record of being the worlds most busy and efficient passenger airport because of its advancement and extensive ground network services (Southwell & Officer, 2014). Therefore, this article seeks to analyze the airports ground facilities, defining the facilities, a brief discussion about the roadway systems, parking facilities and an analysis of whether the services meet the demands of the customers and the stakeholders of the organization in future.

The airport is served by an attractive, reliable postmodern road system in and around the airport. The interstate highways are a spectacular roadway that interlinks all possible streets leading to the Airport. It is served by modern-day transportation hub that offers a timely and safe travel to the airport grounds. The examples of the modern transport systems serving people in and around the Airport include shared-ride shuttles that are always available for customers during flight hours and which serve people around conventions, hotels and business residences. It is also served by MARTA railway network, which is Atlantic-state-of-art, means of transport, which are facilitated by Cobb Linc, and MARTA buses free (Southwell & Officer, 2014).

There are lots of luxurious cars like stretch limousines, luxury sedans, vans and mini-busses that serve customers upon request. Transport services are designed to offer customer satisfaction since it also provides self-drive services according to the specifications of the client. The departure of the cars and means of transport follows a specific order: mini-buses, vans, and charter buses always depart at an interval of 15 minutes apart to ensure that time wasting is avoided. An A-National Limousine operates the charter buses, mini-buses and the vans that move according to the specified time. The airport is also served by railway transport system which is connected by gold and red lines from the Atlanta Airport that are further connected to green and blue lines around the five points. The road marking is perfect in the manner that it directs people towards the airport smoothly (McCarthy, 2014).

Also, the Airport has over 11 rental car agencies for picking customers to and from the airport and return areas. The transportation systems are served with a broad range of typological parking facilities, which is served by an improved and modern-day customer service system as an enhanced customer service.

The current information says that there is the use of HUB parking as the new technology, which is a competent style of parking present in the modern market. The HUB is a technological way of parking, and it offers a chance for visitors to secure their parking place before visiting the airport. The parking technology provides a swift response that reduces delays and traffic jam in the airport (Ison, Merkert, & Mulley, 2014). The parking facilities increase customer satisfaction since it reduces congestion within and around the airport, enhances safety and security of all the visitors. The automated pay systems at the entrance and parking areas minimize time-wasting hence improving the services offered to the guests (Hurley & NeSmith, 2014).

All the application of the new technologies is a projection for the future since the company expects the visitors to shoot in four years to come. All kinds of travel services to and from the airport meet the demands of people and reduce congestion of cars on the airport grounds hence it complies with the requirements of the future.


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