Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) and LEAN for the Improvement of Patient Health

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PDSA is a systematic channel of steps that aim at gaining essential knowledge to ensure frequent improvement health care services, products as well as the process (Taylor, 2013). The model has got four-step approach to ensure that there are positive changes within the healthcare processes.

To ensure that the PSDA model facility quality improvement within the health care, the model starts by evaluating the nature as well as the scope of the health care problem in question. Additionally, the model examines the changes that should be made, the impacts of those changes and finally how to implement the changes. The outcome of the implementation is then reviewed and interpreted to determine the level of success or failure. Therefore, the mode contributes to the culture of quality as well as safety by taking action on the outcomes (Middleton, 2013). The model address changes by establishing quality improvement plan.


Lean is another example of a quality model that can be used to ensure the improvement of patient health care using fewer resources. To ensure that there is the quality improvement of the health care services, the model tries to research on the three fundamental issues that if it tackles, then the problem affecting the patient might be solved. The first point the model look into is the purpose; the model looks at the issue that it will address as to achieve its goal of quality improvement. Secondly, the model examines the process; how the organisation will assess different problem to ensure flexibility and volubility of the services (Nadeem, 2013). Finally, the LEAN model will look at the employee; the model empowers its workers so that the quality of the services can improve. The model inculcates the culture of quality and safety by ensuring that every person from top to bottom works together. Lean model address changes during the process by eliminating and creating process that require little effort (Hull, 2017).

To address the quality improvement problem within an organization, I will use LEAN model that ensure that employees are empowered with skills thereby offering safe and effective services to patient. The service offered by the model must be valuable to the patient hence patient centered, efficient, timely and equitable to the price offered by the patient.



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