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Water is an essential basic human need. Water rates in Riverbend City were increased making the residents to switch to an old water treatment plant. It consists of contaminated water since there are companies dumping waste into the river. This has led a to public health crisis which has become a threat to the residents` health.

Some of the residents are finding it hard to cater for the hospital bills since they have to visit the hospital regularly for the same issue. The clinic visits make the residents to miss work which could lead to their termination. They will not have the means to pay for their treatment and medication anymore. This will also have a negative economic impact whereby the number of employees will be less than the amount of work available. Children cannot enjoy core curriculum activities such as swimming since the water in the pool is making them itch. Parents tend to send their children to live with their relatives in other cities since they cannot find clean water to drink in their city. They are forced to change schools which disrupt their education. Some of the residents have tried talking to the city's` representative, but all in vain since nobody listens to their grievances. The health issues are spreading fast since the water has not been treated yet. This means more people are getting sick and have to deal with the pain and agony that comes with it.

Riverbend city representative should design an agency that will deal with the water crisis (Staff, 2014). The agency should work with the city representatives to make sure there are no corrupt people who tend to increase the water rates making it unavailable to the residents. There should be laws and regulations for those culpable of such offenses (Beckett & Horner, 2015). They should also give policies on how to deal with companies that dump their waste into the river causing a health hazard to the population. City representatives' should give more attention to the residents' grievances to avoid such crisis in future. The community should work with organizations which are ready to help some of the people who cannot afford the cost of the regular treatment (Beckett & Horner, 2015). This will make sure the people are adequately treated and do not stay back home and succumb to the illness due to the high cost of treatment. These organizations can also work with the community to distribute clean water to the residents for consumption before the city gets a permanent solution to the crisis. This will lead to a long way in helping the residents since people will have their normal life routines back (Staff, 2014).

The city representatives should find a permanent solution to this water crisis as soon as possible to reduce the spread of the illness. This will be achieved by making sure the city water is clean for human consumption. The water can be adequately treated and made available to the residents. This will also help in maintaining a good economy since there will be healthy employs to work. People will not miss work due to illness anymore. Children can go to school and also enjoy co-curriculum activities like swimming since the water will not itch anymore. The less fortunate can direct funds meant to treat the illness to investments that will upgrade their level of the economy.


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