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This article explores aspects of racial disparities in correctional facilities. It is based on a wide range of literature based on information that shows racial disparities. One aspect that characterizes the justice system of today is the lack of uniformity, and this has led to concerns of decision-making that negatively affects some minority groups in the society. African Americans and Hispanics suffer the most when it comes to incarceration. They are the group that is more susceptible to correction as a form of punishment as compared to whites and Asians. The criminal justice process is usually governed by various legal factors and demographics that dictate the outcomes of the process. Demographics is also another factor that dictates the outcome. Some of the legal aspects include criminal record and, the severity of the offense. On the other hand, demographic factors include sex, age, and race. These are some of the main factors that dictate the outcomes of the legal process upon an individual caught on the wrong side of the law. Despite these factors, there exist various legal disparities that influence the judgment of a legal process. One of the factors is a race. Race affects the legal process beginning from deciding to search, use force or arrest suspects. It also affects the sentencing process. The other aspect is the existence of disparities within correctional facilities that influence the way different inmates are treated. Racial disparity is a great social problem, especially in the justice system. It has led to disparities within the society that affects minorities, in their ability to access resources within the society because of negative stereotypes and suppositions.

According to the article, understanding the relationship between, inmates in correctional facilities and their respective prison officers is very important. This is the relationship that would truly define the theory of the existence of disparities within correctional facilities. There is an abundant need to establish safer environments within prison systems. This is because these are systems whose core functions have been tainted by negative aspects of violence, racism and the manufacture of criminals. The justice system occurs as a process characterized by a series of steps. The first step involves the police as gatekeepers. They are characterized by the responsibility of providing information to the courtroom that decides the fate of the suspects. Their discretion means a lot because they are the ones that provide details in the form of evidence to, the prosecutors, judge, and the jury. Racial disparities will always favor one group more than the other and based on research people from a minority group are more susceptible to arrest than other groups.

The aspects that bring about disparities include the culpability or the blameworthiness of the offender. This associated with the severity of punishment with the severity of the offense. Blameworthiness can also be linked to previous offenses and role in the offense. The other factor is associated with the role institutions play in developing disparities. Institutions such as courtrooms, police departments, and correctional facilities, develop mechanisms that are used for the dissemination of justice.

Despite great amounts of literature that explore racial disparities on the decision-making process associated with the justice system. There are limited information and research on racial disparities within correctional facilities. Such disparities would have to be a factor of the relationship between inmates and prison officers. The article shows that disparities do exist in correctional facilities. One of the main issues is associated with solitary confinement as the main punishment in prisons.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Matthew W. Logana, B. D.-P. (2017). Correctional shorthands: Focal concerns and the decision to administer solitary confinement. Journal of Criminal Justice.

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