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The dominant perspective in the way of life of a society typically relates to the totality of human presence and most features of social life. For all intents and purposes of everything that we encounter is formed by the recognitions gave by our perspective of the world. However, the governing worldview is held by most individuals from that society, and it sets up the socially acknowledged meanings of social reality. The fundamental difference between ideology, a theory and also paradigm explains the aspects in which we understand ways in which to configure human promotion in different fields. Ideology may be related to one's decision of global relations standards. Regarding investigation on political psychology on the primary motives, beliefs, and values of the privilege and search for reverberation with the center presumptions of various universal relations approach. Political theory is a correct hypothesis about the law and government. Frequently the expression of political theory refers to the political belief or a particular ethnic or state of mind, about legislative issues.

A paradigm is a method for requesting and improving the perceptual world's staggering multifaceted nature by making sure key presumptions about the idea of the universe, of an individual, as well as of the society. Paradigms are regulating; they figure out what the specialist sees as essential and conceivable and incomprehensible, and what to go to and what to disregard. Standard manages how we settle on choices and do inquire about. For instance, legal advisors will utilize an opposing worldview while selection advisory groups will use a judgmental worldview. In the United States, the welfare state paradigm is used to guide the welfare professionals thinking. Following this paradigm, welfare advocates predicted a focal organization stretching out advantages to a more extensive range of the populace as a privilege of citizenship. In the end, the American welfare state was to look like its northern European partners and finish with an ensured yearly salary, national health care as well as full employment.

Assignment 2

Iran's parliament approved an Amendment after debating for months to restrict the use of death punishment to drug traffickers on August 31, 2017. The bill of law article 45 was endorsed by Majlis where Jalil Rahimi Jahanabadi who is a member of Majlis Judicial and Legal Commission seconded the approval of this bill. This amendment was referred to Guardian Council, a system of twelve Islamic jurists to approve the draft law according to Iran's constitution as well as Islamic Law (Shari'a). This bill has not been signed by the president; however, it has not been approved as a law. Moreover, there is no public law number in Iran's Amendment because the bill has not been signed by the president into law.

This Amendment will be to substitute death sentences for approximately 5,300 prisoners who are held for drug crimes. Many of this inmates are of the age between 20 to 30 years. The sentences for the individuals who are already in jail would be commuted to thirty years imprisonment as well as an excellent. The Amendment would as well raise the number of illegal drugs to subject manufacturers and also the distributors to capital punishment, as well increasing the number of artificial substances from 30g to 2kgs for instance heroin. The Amendment aim as well is to do away with the death punishment for individuals who are non-violent drug peddlers.

Poverty enhances people to engage in illegal business. However, Iran's laws did not think about this and people who were found guilty were condemned to death primarily because they were discovered trafficking drugs.


Karger, H. J., & Stoesz, D. (2018). American social welfare policy: A pluralist approach. NY, NY: Pearson.

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