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Psychology is a branch of sciences that studies the behavior and mind and analyzing all aspects of thought and both conscious and unconscious experiences. In psychology, experts try to comprehend the role of mental functions in one behavior. Psychologists analyze ones behavior and mental processes such as cognition, perception, emotion, and personality. Psychology also extends to interactions between human beings. Psychology plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives and it is all around us. This essay analyzes the psychological concepts in mass media.

Mass media plays a vital role in the transfer of communication. In mass media, information is sent to a large audience. The senders of the information usually aim to target a large audience. To ensure that the information reaches a large appropriate audience, the senders of the information utilize psychological practices and theories to ensure that the information is interesting to the targeted audience.

One aspect of advertising that makes good use of psychology is advertising. Advertising is usually a very strategic business operation that projects the image of the business and its products to potential clients. For an advert to be strategic, businesses use psychological theories to create an interactive advert that will appeal to their target audience ( HYPERLINK "" \o "Posts by Shehan Marasinghe" Marasinghe). For an advert to be successful, businesses have to comprehend the unconscious psychological processes that affect consumers. Use of psychology enables businesses to determine the most suitable mass media for their marketing campaigns as well as the most appealing marketing concepts.

Psychology also plays a key role in the depiction of politics in mass media. The voters are able to comprehend the personal traits of a leader such as leadership, intelligence, and trustworthiness through the coverage of the mass media. The ability of leaders to comprehend the traits preferred by their electorate is vital in winning elections ( HYPERLINK "" \o "Posts by Shehan Marasinghe" Marasinghe). We have had cases of candidates using psychology to change the change the mind of the targeted users by the use of psychological personalized adverts on social media.

Entertainment in mass media involves utilization of psychology to create a content that will awe the audience. Psychology is driving artists to create concepts which go beyond entertainment in a bid to change trends. These concepts aim to introduce new trends into the market by unconsciously changing what appeals to their audience.

Mass media uses psychology to advance the cultural perspectives of civilization. Marasinghe reports that the Chinese Revolution used the mass media to encourage women to become economically productive and to start to work. The culture change message was tuned psychologically to increase its effectiveness. The attempt was successful and with an increase in the number of women working, the Chinese economy grew exponentially.

In conclusion, mass media represents an effective means of communication. However, as the information is sent via a TV, radio or a newspaper, it is vivid to note that the information is sent by a human being targeting another human. This is where the psychological concepts come in. The message needs to be appealing to the receiver for the communication to be successful. The sender utilizes the psychological concepts to make the sent information appealing to the audience.

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