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Emotional intelligence refers to one's ability to recognize, identify and how to get along with your emotions and that of other people surrounding you. For one to have emotional intelligence, he or she has to have such skills such as emotional awareness, and the ability to get along or manage his or her emotions. This will entail controlling their emotion and also assisting others to calm down. Various studies have shown that emotional intelligence is one of the most critical issues that set good performance to stand out of the rest. Notably, it is an intangible thing in each person in the globe, because it has a wider range of effects ranging from how we arrive at making decisions as well as how we interrelate with other and also how we navigate our social difficulties in the society.

My previous or past emotional intelligence did not make me feel like I was intelligent at all. Ideally, they disgusting and unreasonable since they were uncontrollable, and I could listen to any other person advice, it made my relationships with other to be apart. They also made me have some lack of social awareness. Secondly, I could feel often disappointed when I had emotions and did not want any other person besides me. Thirdly, when I had feelings I was experiencing a small performance from time to time, and this made me more worried about how I reacted to my environment and also when taking my social activities like games, I was moody and could not manage to get along very easily.

Notably, the fourth and fifth grading of my emotional intelligence is when I was personally incompetence. It made me not to recognize my self-awareness and also my self-management skills because this skill was critical because they focus more on my personality than my interactions with other people in my surroundings. Personal awareness is a key factor because it helps one to be aware of his or her emotions and also to control his or her behavior.

Sixth and seventh rating of my emotional intelligence was when I was socially incompetence. I could not come up with my relationship management with others because I could not understand others moods. I could not understand them, and this made me end up doing contrary to their expectation, which was eventually leading to the deterioration of my relationship with them. Moreover, I was unable to recognize their motives, and this made the quality of my relationship with other is of poor quality. The eighth, ninth, and tenth emotional intelligence situations constitute to my best and excellence. It is based on the fact that I gradually started developing self-awareness, social awareness and also managing my relationship with others, this helped me to put myself in other's shoes and also understand their feelings, and in the long run, we found to get along and hence to improve the quality of our relationship. My awareness at this point also was significant to on how I got along with my emotions.

My rating above was due to the age factor because I was experiencing poor quality of Emotional Intelligence at a younger age but, gradually as I grow up. I came to have more and more understanding of others and myself too hence improving the quality of my emotional intelligence to be excellent. Older people experience fewer emotions of negative events than younger people. My poor or worst emotional intelligence was evident by too much annoyance, hatred, hopeless and abusive language towards other but as I grew up also. In reality, this came to be something of the past, and I could now understand other feelings and so on.

Improving emotional intelligence

One way is through emotional regulation, which involves the identification and the modification of the emotions that we may have, and this can comprise such issues like reevaluation of events after their occurrence, and secondly better decision-making can improve our emotional intelligence rating and creativity as well.

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