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Environment, Ecology, Resources, Little exploitation of the natural resources Continental temperature and the discovery of minerals Increased in mining and technological advancement in agriculture Measures are put in place to ensure growth while controlling the air pollution The country achieves its target with being a developing economy while reducing pollution

Government, Rule of Law Communist government imposed by Stalin under the government of national unity Political and economic difficulties face Poland leading to the 1960 political crisis Poland holds a democratic election in 2000 that saw the election of Mr. Alexander Democratic parliamentary system with an elected president and prime minister as the head of the government Firm democratic system. Rule of law respected by the Government. Free Media. No signs of imminent war threats.

GDP or Business, Industry, Agriculture, Trade Very few natural resources. Trade with neighboring Countries Increase in GDP. Better use of natural resources Economy service oriented, with commerce, mining, manufacturing & public services that represent 80 % in GDP. GDP increased by over 7% per year on average. Strong economic performance thanks to an efficient fiscal policy Improved in the agriculture sector and mining with a reduction in air pollution

Demography, HDI Human Rights 30% of the population is non-poles New boundaries saw a shift in the demographic numbers Population transfer saw the number of non-poles decline to 3% Reduced human trafficking and drags peddling Civil society space is improved with increased literacy and living standard


Poland is among countries with the most efficient energy consumptions in the European Union. The country has had an increase of material consumption especially nonmetallic substance in its infrastructure projects. For the last ten years, Poland has been able to maintain a solid industrial waste. Although the primary industry is mining, the country has been able to reduce its industrial waste over the years. The emissions ceiling set up by the government has also been achieved and maintained. Although development has been linked to increased pollution, Poland has been able to grow while at the same time reducing the amount of Sulphur dioxide that it releases in the environment. The country has been able to achieve the above due to its policy of a low emission economy and embarking on an energy security ("Poland European Environment Agency," n.d.).


Poland is a democratic country with a parliamentary system where the citizen chooses their leaders. The country has an independent judiciary, legislative and executive system. The international observers have considered Poland to have a fair a credible election. The media is also deemed to be free and devoid of political influence. The political stability is expected to remain the same given the past stable political regimes.


According to the world bank data, Poland is the sixth largest economy in Europe. The country has been able to achieve the growth due to its policies that Is has undertaken over the years. Poland had a significant achievement my being the only country that avoided the economic downturn that started in 2008 partly due to its economic policies. The economic growth has been enabled due to manufacturing and setting up of small industries. Direct Foreign Investment has also played a significant role in the growth of the economy. Poland has a larger population employed in the agricultural sector making up of 12%. The other segment includes manufacturing and energy. In 2o16, the countrys GDP was at $12,400 ("Poland Overview," n.d.).


The constitution of Poland guarantees that all the citizens will have their rights protected. Poland is a member of the UN, and the country has a good record when it comes to respecting human rights. Woman have their rights respected according to the human rights watch. Although Poland does not recognize same-sex marriage, it has not criminalized homosexuality. Poland has not been listed among countries that are homophobic or sponsor discrimination by the state ("| Human Development Reports," n.d.).



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