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South Korea as the leading country in the world in terms of innovation, this is according to the annual new patient of application per one million members of the population.

The economic status of south Korea is dependent on the vast research and innovation that south Korea into place and this has mainly been aided by funding mostly from the industries, government and other sources that also seek to offer support to the sector. The funding are 73% from the industrial sectors, 25% from the government and 2% from other sources. More of these funds go too applied than basic research, with the figures being 38.4 billion for experimental development, 11.5 billion for applied research and 10.6 billion for basic research. The process is not restricted to industrial application, but rather academic is also making progress, doubling since 2005. The statistics are of the year 2014.

Research Methodology.

The case study of south Korea as the leading country in terms of innovation demonstrate a vivid research methodology as it clearly outlines important features that directly or indirectly affects south Korea innovation and industrial growth. The paper brings out the aspect of program planning by giving the five steps that are involved in project management in south Korea, including initiating a project, planning the project itself, evaluating the ideas, possible outcomes and other issues related to the project, monitoring and controlling the undertakings of the project and finally closing the project after it has been implemented.

Survey Development

The case study identifies that South Korea, after the stage of program planning embarks to survey development in an attempt to choose the best possible alternative to choose, like in the case of developing the new songdo city, which is an international business district. As in the case of the new songdo city, a number of issues were put into consideration including making it a pedestrian friendly city with walkable streets, 40% greenspace and an urban density that supports active street life among other issues.

Survey Deployment

The new songdo city still a perfect example in this study to demonstrate the idea of survey deployment as after identifying the plan for the city. The ideas put into reality by making sure that the city that harbors a significant number of industries still remains convenient enough for human habitation by making sure that it has a significant residential neighborhood with green areas. On top of this, a 100 acres recreational park has also been set up to cater for the inhabitants

Data Analysis

There has been application of actual figures and examples in the case study as data by the author. Use of actual figures and data must be preceded by proper analysis of the data so as to present true and factual figures to avoid diving misleading and wrong information to the reader. The data should be authentic and should be subjected to scrutiny before it is presented to the reader to avoid it being termed and considered to be malicious or bias. For this case, it is important and only right for the researcher to be objective and focus on the study solely for the sake of getting the correct information, rather than being subjective and getting into the exercise of data collection with an already preset perception or with an already pre-determined outcome of the study. The data that is presented should always be analytic in nature and offer a chance for scrutiny so that the researcher and even the audience can be able to further analyze it and use it for more studies. The data should further be based on a quantifiable and testable theory, and the author should endeavor to give qualitative rather than quantitative data. The legitimacy of the data should be a core concern and the researcher should strive to give the audience data that is authentic.


While reporting the findings or the outcome of the study, it is important to give the audience the right information after carefully and coming up with the correct findings. It is important that after objectively collecting data and statistics they should be further put into scrutiny to determine their correctness. It is also important to present the report in a way that it does not look bias or malicious and, make sure that it is able to bring out as much information about the study as possible. The report also has to be presented in a way that is easy to understand and using examples that the audience can easily relate to. It is important that when presenting the report the researcher should acknowledge the parent source of the information for the sake of future referencing and for further research by the audience. Giving credit to the source also is important as is minimizes cases of plagiarism.

Research Goals.

The goals of the research is to formulate a theory and to build on it. To do this, the researcher formulates a hypothesis and builds on it. The case study for instance seeks to project South Korea as an economic giant in the Asian continent and to bring out the idea that the rise of South Korea is credited to its innovation, industrial development and that the educational sector is also steadily coming up and that all these finally leads to the technological and economic advancement of South Korea. The thesis of the research is summarizes as South Korea is now the leading country in the world in terms of innovation as measured by annual patient application per one million of the population. In a bid to justify his hypothesis and develop the thesis of the research\h, the researcher is seen to be using vast methods and strategies so as to prove and bring out his point, including comparison, in which he is comparting South Korea to other countries, such as Spain that he says is similar to South Korea in terms of size and population, and also japan that is a neighbor of South Korea in the region and seems to be also an economic power in the region just as South Korea.

The author also gives factual figures and outlines situations as it has been in the region over a specific time, by this he gives the audience actual details as they are, making the study more accurate. The researcher uses survey as a method of collecting data, by this he is able to look into already existing statistics and even be able to choose the most accurate and verified data for his study. This however could also give misleading information in the case where the data has not been revised for a while.


The case study of South Korea: Asian tiger mega project marvel and research leader presents a research in which the researcher has followed the stipulated steps of carrying out a research to present his work to the audience and give the correct information by following the rules of research.



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