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Does the world have a responsibility to assist millions of people in a country that does not provide for their needs?

~ A country that has a controlling and dominant ruler, like North Korea's ruler Kim Jung Un, cannot be fully helped by others. It may seem like an urgent responsibility for a country to financially and politically help other nations, whose individual and privacy rights are controlled. Can you just imagine how uncomfortable it would be if you found out that the government sees everything you access on the internet? Restricted rights isn't the only problem because other economic issues have been occurring in countries like North Korea. This may be signals for other countries to lend a helping hand. However, there are several barriers that prevents other countries from helping, including the president's commanding orders. Also, communication may also be a huge problem because there may be a chance of misinterpretation occurring, leading to worse problems between the nations.

- The world has responsibility of helping of other countries even those who have dominant rulers, like North Korea's ruler Kim Jung Un. It should not mater to the other countries in the world whether their leader is willing to accept help or not all what should, it is s how those citizen rights will be protected and they have a good living condition in their country. There are bodies like World Health Organization (WHO), World Food Program (WFP) and others. These bodies are independent and they can be used in helping the country since they do not have an influence in political governance of the economy. Before the other countries engage in helping another country politically, they should first help on other areas like in economic to have a development of good network in terms of communication and development of the country. So that when they decide to have an influence in political they will not be any misunderstanding.

2. What do you make of a program to build nuclear weapons in a nation in which food supplies are so limited?

~ A country that mostly focuses on building nuclear weapons rather than providing food supplies for their citizens is unfair for the ordinary citizens. Others may argue that the nation is building nuclear weapons to protect the people from any kinds of danger. However, there must be a balance when it comes to spending money on everyday resources, including food. From my personal opinion of North Korea's controlling and brutal leader, Kim Jung Un should be mostly putting most of the stock in the safety, health and education for his people instead of spending most of it on weapons. Un's primary focus in bringing up tension and war between other nations, such as the United States, shows his lack of responsibility and leadership skills as a president.

-It is not wrong to spend on building of nuclear weapons in a country rather than provision of other resources like food and education. A country stability it is when there is no war and there is peace in the country. This ensures every citizen safety and the country will be able to run their day activities at a peaceful atmosphere. The economy will grow if there are no threats both internally and externally and this can be achieved through having these weapons to scare their enemies away. These weapons can be used to grow the economy of the country and later have provision of the basic needs in the sense that, these weapons facilities facilitates employment to the citizen and they can be used as a national investment in other nations.

3. What insights about the state of North Korea might be drawn from dependency theory and modernization theory?

~ According to the dependency theory, for various reasons little or no further development is possible for third world countries within the constraints of the world capitalist system. They must therefore rely on their own powers and resources, rather than depending on other nations for help. North Korea is an example of a country that follows the dependency theory since it has taken "self-reliance" as their motto. The country built an industrial economy based on its own raw materials and is powered by its own domestic market without the assistance from other nations. North Korea also follows the modernization theory by improving their technological advances, such as making new weapons.

-North Korea has been able to do great with the independency theory by being self-reliance towards their economy. However, the country will be in a different place if they did not practice the theory. The country with a little help from the developed country could have boosted their economy in a dramatic way. Having an industry economy that allows a country to be built not just relying on the domestic market it provides the economy with export and import that increases Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This will ensure that the country economy will grow and it will sustain the needs of the people. North Korea has been following the modernization theory but they have not fully exploited the country potential. They should not only emphasize on weapons but also look at other areas like how to end exploitation and inequality in the country.

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