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Evolution of mobile banking and service quality development of modern technology in telecommunication industry has led to the experiencing various challenges by customers.


Concept of service quality

Some clients perception of different proliferation of services with different qualities results to low expectations to the clients. Besides, the quality of service offered would depend on the clients attitude and satisfaction to the anticipated outcome. Therefore, the relationship of consumers demand and perception should meet their desired interest beyond the projected aftermath. In addition, customers service such as ATM depends on how the delivery of service in channeled to customers as poor service delivery results to loss of quality anticipated by the consumer hence low customer turnout. Lack of proper coordination and delayed services in the telecommunication industry results to low confidence and trust on mobile banking hence some customers prefer the manual system. (file:///C:/Users/lenovo/Downloads/ejise-volume15-issue2-article811%20(1).pdf).

Poor context in information systems

The emergence of online copyrights where customers encounter fake clients and agencies results to corruption and lack of trust in the mobile banking sector. Lack of unique dimensions to protect an organization patent provides leeway for people with bad intentions to swindle funds from clients thus damaging the corporate image and ultimately low trust from customers. Delayed responsiveness from service provides make customers feel insecure and doubtful of the process. Additionally, slow speed and consistent upgrade of the system in mobile banking applications results to low users since different clients operate at the different timeframe. (file:///C:/Users/lenovo/Downloads/ejise-volume15-issue2-article811%20(1).pdf).


Organizations of service providers should constantly engage with their clients and research if the models apply to different industries in Ghana thus increase service delivery competitively and efficiently. The relevant features of mobile banking sector should consistently advertise on its use and sensitize the public on its benefits. Telecommunication sectors should register their logos, patents, and websites with the regulation authorities to avoid infringement of copyrights and make their clients secure. Illegal malpractices in the mobile industry within Ghana due to fierce completion have faced legal measures such as deregistration of companies since 1994. However, more stringent measures should be incorporated to make it mandatory for customers to obtain quality services.

Mobile Banking in Rural Karnataka

Banking sector of India embraced the inclusion of technology to facilitate easier quality service delivery by the help of government. Since mobile banking sector contributes immensely to economic growth in India, adoption of technology-enhanced expectations in performance and reliability that influenced the society.


Through research of various organizations, it came to the conclusion that majority of people who embrace mobile banking depends on their age as many youths prefer to use it than the aged. Besides, also gender played a major factor as men easily embrace technology than women because of cultural beliefs and traditions especially in rural areas of Karnataka. In addition, the use of Swatman to intermediate the mobile banking sector in 2001 led to the exclusion of more household since the method was perceived to be for the wealthy people. Besides, lack of aggressive campaigns in rural areas because of the large population of India resulted in few people in trusting the mobile banking. Moreover, high level of poverty leads to a lower percentage of people owning phones in rural areas thus derailing the process of mobile banking services in Karnataka. (


Since India has the fast-growing population in Asia, use of e-banking by entrepreneurs would hasten the need for the population to embrace mobile banking. Besides, firms should adopt aggressive advertisement and benefits of mobile banking in rural areas, especially at the village level. Since mobile banking provides information in a timely manner, they provide an alternative for financial inclusions hence increasing its widespread usage.



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