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What customer loyalty techniques would you recommend to Argyle?

In Argyles situation, I will recommend three techniques in which she can use in her business. First, I would suggest that she does a follow up on the customer after purchase. With this, she will be able to ensure whether the customers expectation was fully satisfied or there is the need for improvement. A simple email or a card will be a good way of doing it. Secondly, Argyle should have some reward program or anything of similar. Simple rewards such as free shipping or discounts will be enough to make her customers happy. Thirdly, Argyle should always send confirmation emails to her customers after any purchases. Shipment details should be sent to the customer after the order has been shipped out. These details would ensure that the customer is well informed on what is happening to their order.

What information would be appropriate to collect about customers in a database?

Argyle should keep information about her customer that are only appropriate and necessary for the business. Such information can be the customers past purchasing patterns; this information shall enable Argyle to tailor make the specific requirements of the customer thus providing more efficient services. Argyle could keep the customers special occasion dates like birthdays. With this, she can offer the loyalty rewards to the customer during such days. She could also keep the customers demographic information so as to ensure that orders are delivered to the correct destination and the correct customers. This will ensure that there are no mishaps during the delivery process of the product.

What specific computer-based communication could be used to achieve Argyle's goal?

To achieve such goals, Argyle should employ the use of a specific computer-based program. Such tools can be the Live Chat; this would ensure that the customers questions and needs are taken care of in a faster manner as compared to using phone calls. By undertaking a simple, quick survey at the check-out part, the customers would provide their feedback regarding their experience during the purchase. Use of the Frequently Asked Questions tool will provide information to customers without contacting the company.

Is such a loosely organized firm likely to be as effective as a firm that defines jobs more precisely and monitors performance more closely? What are the advantages and the limitations of the managerial style described above?

In a business structure that has a concept that works effectively, the style of leadership or its management does not affect the success of the company. The fact is that many businesses have different and unique managerial styles like its products. Therefore, the employees performance in the business can determine the outcome or the success of the business and not the way in which they are lead or managed. One advantageous thing about this managerial style is that the employees are left to decide by themselves on the best possible approaches and do what they deem fit in performing their duties and tackle the different issues that are encountered during the daily activities of running the business. The limitation to this managerial style is that the lack of stringent rules and the boundaries in that which is acceptable or not may lead to the tasks given to employees may not be done in the right manner or even accomplished.

How might such managerial methods affect morale?

This style of management may lead to low morale among the employees. Most employees are usually afraid of the repercussions of the possibility of making decisions that may impact the business negatively. This business managerial style may not be right for all the employees.

Would you like to work for this company? Why or why not?

Given a chance, I will work for such a company because the confidence and faith in which the management has put on me will give me an empowerment to maximize my performance and dedicate myself to achieving the business goals and pushing it toward its success. I would appreciate the fact that I will be able to make some decisions. Therefore, I will be able to learn a lot.

Please reflect on, and list discuss 5 of the best practices in small business management that you plan to employ in the future

Running a business can be challenging but by having a solid plan of operating the business would ensure a smooth scaling of the business. Some of the practices that will put in the management are:

First, I will create an organizational structure. This will ensure that there is proper management of the business at the different departments. It will create an efficient system where there is a department for each aspect of the business.

Secondly, I will give the leaders or the management staff the sufficient authority they need for decision making. This will give them morale given the fact that they will be confident in executing their mandate and in leading their colleagues. By showing them that I have faith and confidence in them will make give their best in the business while showing me that they are worth their positions.

Thirdly, I will create a good plan and a budget for the business. The business plan will be the map in which the business will undertake. It will also be a reminder to the employees on the business set objectives and the goals in which the business wish to achieve.

Fourthly, by developing a control method for the business entity that includes the method of quality control, I will be able to ensure that the workforce delivers to the required standards of professionalism and that the customers receive only the best that can be provided by the business.

Fifthly, I will establish some basic personnel policies. This is aimed at making sure that there is a sense of professionalism in the workplace. The employees will ensure that they work within the set principles of the business and create a workable environment for all in the business. The results of this set of policies are that healthy working environment results in happy employees who will be beneficial for the business.


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