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The preparation and the readiness to explore a new place is a minor activity as compared to the actual adventure for a person anticipating a departure to a tourist attraction site. As my family and I got ready for a trip to Hawaii, excitement grew each day as the departure day drew close. All of us were anxious to be on the plane and experience the long flight to Hawaii and be part of the spectacular views of beautiful Hawaii attractions. Hawaii is a famous tourist stop for people all over the world because of its breathtaking scenery, colorful vegetation, incredible surrounding, the scenic Diamond Head, and stunning beaches ideal for swimming.

Hawaii has several breathtaking sights that await a tourist at every turn. Almost every byway is scenic from the caves hidden in the seas along the coastal line to the state parks that let one walk on the Hawaii royalty and the miles of black sandy beaches. There are a lot of magnificent sceneries in Hawaii such as pristine beaches, romantic bays, family beach parks, magical mountains and incredible valleys that spread all over the Hawaii islands. Everywhere I looked was majestic. There are beautiful landscapes which have never been touched for centuries, a spectacular valley floor and exceptional cliffs as well as waterfalls that cascaded down the mountains. Also, I was mesmerized by the ocean waves that crashed against the black sands along the shoreline and the rugged rocks. These unspoiled, breathtaking sights undeniably blew me away. There could probably never be anything more charming than these attractions.

Hawaii is beautiful and magical with vast colors and textures of the vegetation that surround this astounding island. The trees bring a distinct magnificence to Hawaii that cannot be found anywhere else. The island is blanketed in shades of green, giving way to winding roads flowing with cars and people. One-hundred-year-old palm trees grow leaves the length of a mini cooper and sway on branches in the tropical breeze like linen on country clotheslines. Even though the palm trees are plentiful and easily recognizable along the shoreline, the Koa tree, with sparse leaves, is the most popular for its yellow and redwood used to make many of the items used in island fine living. Its branches spread in the forest like outstretched arms with showy flowers with white, cream and yellow colors. Furthermore, there is the smell of fragrant flowers that fills the air. The puakenikeni flower, with its pineapple aroma, is velvety soft, gentle and refreshing. It is common in Hawaii and is adored for its sweet-scented smell, clustered flowers, waxy fruits, and bulbous stalks which attach to the branches of other trees.

Hawaii is not only a land of the incredible surrounding but is also renowned for its fabulous beaches ideal for swimming and water fun games. For example, Lahaina, in addition to being the gateway to the best beaches, it boasts a remarkable view of the exquisite western Maui mountains. When I stepped into the white, silky sand, I took a discerning look at the bright blue water and immersed myself. The experience was stunning and leaving the water was the last thought in my mind. The water in Hawaii had a nearly perfect temperature for anyone and is by far the most extraordinary place I have ever gone for vacation. While inside the water, I swam with the fish in the quiet of the sea with the surrounding water gently lapping the shoreline. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the island allowed the life of the sea to be viewed and admired. The waves add the magic with a slow rhythm to the shore, chirps of the nearby crickets and birds echo, and the trees calm their swaying as the sun settles against its ocean reflection. Coral in shades of pink, purple, blue, yellow and white carpets the seafloor provides protection and shelter to the thousands of wildlife living in the ocean. This makes Hawaii an epitome of charm.

It is undeniable that a hike to the Diamond Head is imaginably the most scenic trudge in all of Hawaii. The narrow winding road leading to the base of the Diamond Head hiking trail is exciting. The hike up the crater only takes thirty minutes, and it is dramatic to see children and adults snaking their way up the hillside to view the crater from above. When I saw the breathtaking sight of surrounding waters and the island below, my jaw dropped. The Diamond Head top is usually crowded with tourists from all over the world enjoying its beauty. Diamond Head is an ideal paradise for satisfaction because it makes one complete upon the realization that every struggle up the hill is worth the hike. Residents and tourists are free to hike up the Diamond Head trail in two stairs. Could there be anything more stunning than climbing a stairway with 96 steps and another with 76? It is intimidating to look up the Diamond Head because the mountain appears as if it has no end. It is indeed a hidden gem.

Hawaii Islands are not only gorgeous but also have breathtaking surroundings. On my trip, I toured Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the big island which all form the Hawaiian chains of islands. I was blown away by the volcanoes, lava, and black sandy beaches that visibly make up the big island. It is undeniable that Kuai is perhaps the most scenic of all Hawaii islands. In addition to the robust wildlife, it boasts of its splendid flora and fauna. I found this island beautiful because of roosters and chicken which wander around almost everywhere and could not stop pecking every tourists heels. On the other hand, Oahu brags as the city part of Hawaii. Compared to the other islands which have splendid nature, Oahu has spectacular tall buildings, and the natives show off their cosmopolitan lifestyle. This small town has shores on the northeast which may be far away from the bustling big city life, but it is serene and stunning. Maui island was the last stop during my vacation. It is a gorgeous island and offers a combination of nature, tropical and modern lifestyle.

Hawaii climate makes it a tourist destination for people from the United States and all over the world. Its outstanding weather ranges from mild temperatures that span all year round with moderate humidity, a substantial difference in rainfall even in short distances, and persistent cold winds. A cool breeze blows softly across the island and visitors enjoy this breeze most times during the day, but temperatures may drop slightly at night. This breeze relaxes the muscles and eases the built-up tension, not only in the face but across the entire body. I was charmed by Hawaii summer which starts in late April and goes up to October, making it the best time for holiday. Hawaii is a home in the tropics and hence experience a relatively uniform temperature throughout the year, making it ideal for holiday lovers. The ocean in Hawaii is an excellent supplier of stunning moisture to the air and acts as a thermostat that regulates the simmering summer temperature. The tremendous variety of valleys, ridges, slopes and mountain peaks gives Hawaii a scenic view that is never found anywhere on the planet.

Furthermore, Hawaii is a home to different people of all ages and nationalities who make their way the area. I met people from different countries who had come to Hawaii for their dream vacation. They were dressed in various attires that suited the warm Hawaii breeze. After long flying hours, fun lovers are chauffeured to their hotels by tour buses or in private tour cars. My family and I rented a convertible BMW which offered a smooth ride to our hotel room. The hotel was close to the shore, and we could smell the replenishing sea air all over the island. Most of the men are dressed in some Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals bought at one of the many shopping spots on the island. Younger women wear thin strapped dresses with shawls over their arms when the sun sets and the air chills. As evening draws close, most people switched to casuals such as polo shirts, trousers, sundresses, and skirts.

As the red-orange sun sinks its way down towards its reflection on the ocean horizon, there are a burst of activities that come to life. Hawaii has some of the worlds most exclusive restaurants and nightclubs. These restaurants offer the best meals that are eaten either inside the restaurant or outside where tall palm trees sway smoothly on the front of the ocean. With native music playing through the loudspeakers and skilled dancers on stage, the kalua pig, cooked in the sandpit, is the star of the night. Holiday lovers experience this traditional Hawaii sumptuous dish with a gentle breeze blowing from the ever shining ocean. The aromatic smell of this meal makes the mouth to water. Additionally, there are plenty of drinks that are sold in these restaurants. I enjoyed the iconic Wailua beer after dinner and a cold Kauai Golden Ale. Apart from the meals, the restaurants offer a stroll on the numerous hotel lobbies. I walked on these to admire the decorations, lights, and displays around the ground of the hotel.

Hawaii is rich in stunning and countless spectacular attractions. Between the several breathtaking sights that await a tourist at every turn and the magical colors and textures of the vegetation that surround this astounding island, Hawaii appears a fascinating destination for any holiday lover. Hawaii is not only a land of the incredible surroundings but also renowned for its fabulous beaches ideal for swimming and water fun games. It is undeniable that a hike to the Diamond Head is imaginably the most scenic trudge in all of Hawaii. My adventure in Hawaii islands was a great experience because I dumbfounded by volcanoes, lava, and black sandy beaches that visibly lit up the island. The red-orange sun sinks its way down towards its reflection on the ocean horizon, which gives Hawaii a mystery of mystical powers that attracts people from all over the world. Hawaii is remarkably a haven for tourists.

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