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Healthcare is undeniably one of the primary necessities indispensable to the maintenance of healthy life (Pipes, 2010). While excellent healthcare services are available in the United States, its access has been limited for the majority of the U.S. population. Other than the continued increase in the healthcare costs, the distribution of such services occurs mainly through health insurance coverage. The former president, Obama, passed a bill that would allow everyone citizen has the increased access to affordable health services and insurance coverage. While its implementation has been met with success over the past few years, Obamacare has emerged to be among the current controversial health issues in the United States.

The negative effects the law has on the Americas economy and citizens are the primary cause of controversy (Pipes, 2010). Two competing solutions to Obamacare exist since the inception of office by President Trump. On one side, many Republicans believe that the Obamacare should be repealed. Repealing this bill means that it will be subjected to a vote in the Senate, which could lead to a complete reformation of the Obamas health care plan and replacement with Trumps vision. During his campaign, scrapping Obamacare was the primary policy despite the nations healthcare costs being the leading cause of bankruptcy. On the other side, the Democrats believe that the solution to the controversy is to leave it the way it is because millions of the uninsured people have access to affordable, high-quality health insurance through the Medicaid expansion, employers and health insurance industry.

Of the two solutions, the repeal of Obamacare seems to be the most appropriate solution. Fundamentally, Obamacare stimulated the establishment of the state-run market places, with websites parallel to online and shopping sites, where the city could make a comparison on prices as they shop for coverage (Tate, 2013). As a result, some states chose not to participate in the Obamacare. In the same way, the ACA bans the insurance agencies from denying health coverage to people with the health conditions that existed before. In this way, it only permits the young population to remain on the plans of their parents until the age of 26. According to many Republicans, all the Americans who can afford health insurance have to acquire health coverage often get an exception or pay a fee. In this way, it creates an extra complication regarding filing taxes. Therefore, repealing it with the aim of completely reforming its components is the most appropriate solutions for this controversial issue.

The different government level which includes the federal, state and the local government have different responsibilities regarding the United States healthcare, specifically the Obamacare (Tate, 2013). Fundamentally, the federal government has the mandate to implement the federal programs and policies that cater to the healthcare needs of the citizens. As defined by the Constitution, the federal government has the constitutional role through what is described as the spending power. Historically, the American government has applied a variety of conditions to the health funding it transfers to the states, but it is also sensitive that healthcare is a state is a major player in transforming the health care systems. About the Obamacare and the current controversy, the federal government should leverage existing infrastructures to support the ongoing efforts aimed at transforming primary care delivery (Pipes, 2010). The federal government has also had the responsibility of experimenting with new payment models. Despite the fact that the current administration aims at repealing the Obamacare, the federal government should work towards developing new approaches that reward providers for appropriately coordinating and providing delivering higher-value care. The state government should also further their responsibilities to ensure that the communities can offer critical non-medical supports (Tate, 2013). Besides, they should support measurement strategies aimed at identifying and reward value in health care. The local government should, however, work to ensure that the greater alignment that exists between federal and state health reform strategies is implemented at the local level.



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