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From the past three weeks experience, I have learned that Personal wellness plan is such a good move towards transforming the quality of ones life. The most important thing in our life is good health. Every human being and any other being longs to enjoy their life. Endless to count strategies are in place to make our life good (Ideas & Cook, 2007) but they all culminate to one big umbrella called good health. If we need to enjoy good health, then we must take action. We must plan and write down ideas that will be used to achieve good health. Once we lay down achievable ideas, then we take a plan of action and implement them. However, when developing the then plan of action, its good to understand and decipher ones personality candidly. I believe that we all have our personality traits that are developed from our childhood up to our old age. Some personality traits can even be heredity. That wellness of an individual may seem varied depending on our personality, but at the end of it all, we must enjoy the virtue of good health for us to claim we are living in wellness.

For decades, I have been struggling with the problem of Sleep Apnea and the challenge of constipation, especially during the night. Anytime I went for holiday hikes with my family or friends, I found myself giving them restless nights. Snoring was my order of the day. The consistency of my loud voices was that wanting and my friends kept complaining. My running stomach that led to farting at times has also been my challenge that was as a result of poor diet and lack of body exercise (Weber & Kelley, 2009). To end these obstacles, I opted to use CPAP machine to help me overcome the challenge of loud snoring at night. To overcome constipation, I adopted the need for proper diet and body exercise after my dinner meals.

For the past 21 days, I have significantly taken to my new set of action and its indeed doing me good. Using CPAP is one of the best things that I ever did in my life recently. I used to wake up in the morning a tired man and the situation used to affect my day so much. Three weeks later, I can celebrate my days are never the same again. The challenge of frequent constipation is becoming is becoming a story of the past. I have succeeded in balancing my diet and going for at least few push-ups after my meals, and they are doing me good.

However, its worth noting that some challenges surfaced in my process of adopting the new plan of action. For example, the use of CPAP was an up task for me. Sleeping with a gadget in my mouth was that hectic (Rose, 2012). I had to fight and fully adjust to the new situations in my nights. Another problem was the challenge of perseverance in doing the exercise. It was challenging to have at least ten push-ups but finally, am overcoming it.

The whole process has helped me to deduce various aspects of my personality. Once decided to go for something, little challenges cannot overturn me. I must finally get to my purposed destiny. Despite the many challenges, I went through during the process of the new transformation I was able to out successfully.

Experience has finally satisfied to be the best teacher in my life. In my future road of teaching profession or an educationist, I cannot discern from advising people on the need of proper diet and enough body exercise. The process of my new plan of action was a worthwhile endeavor in shaping my future personality and my gospel to others. Our health is the most important, and it must be given the priority.


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