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Cindy Hart, a 23-year-old mother of two is involved in both medical and criminal disciplines that are seriously affecting her life. Having been raised up in a troublesome family, Cindy was not able to finish her schooling and the same scenario seems to be replicating itself in her current life.

Having grown up in a violent environment, Cindy seemingly developed a mental problem as a result of the mental torture that she underwent. Moreover, she has also been diagnosed with a medical condition alongside her two children but still, lives in denial. Additionally, Cindy is facing a criminal challenge having been implicated in a drug issue. Moreover, she has also denied her children of the right to education and medication by continuing to live in denial.

This scenario, however, can be different from a traditional mental health in many different ways. First, this scenario is more of psychological than mental in the sense that unlike the traditional mental health, this scenario can be controlled easily through counseling and medication. Additionally, a traditional mental health may be more severe compared to this scenario and may not require medical remedy (Clifford & Sullivan, 2017).

The first ethical obligation of a parent is to take care of the children and give them the best example of how to be a good parent. In this way, the parent has to take the children to school and let them learn the best morals of life. Additionally, every parent has a moral obligation to give their children the best medical protection.

Therefore, Cindy needs much attention in terms of managing her situation which is currently affecting her life and that of her children. I recommend that she be given counseling services so that she can be able to understand that people are not against her but rather trying to help her additionally, she needs financial assistance to be able to take care of the medical needs of her children.

Regarding the service, it is significant she follows an appropriate plan that will enable her condition to reduce promptly. First, she has to attend a counseling session before any further recommendations can be made. Thereafter, she can be subjected to a medical checkup and subsequent therapy before being introduced to an economic empowerment program to help her cope with her financial challenges.

Therefore, I have a recommendation that she be taken through an economic empowerment program after all medical issues are sorted out. By doing so, the client will be able to solve all other challenges facing her at a personal level. It is also evident that one of her major challenges is attributed to the low financial income she experiences. Her financial stability will play a major role in her medical life.

I also intend to monitor her progress by constantly checking on her. I will take a personal initiative to always check on her and engage her on the progress she makes each day. Additionally, I will require her to write a report on a weekly basis on how she is coping up with the work and be able to get recommendations from her as well as the challenges she is facing.

Most fundamentally, I shall advocate for her by giving a recommendation that truly reflects her character. I will also make submissions to the authorities regarding her condition and that of her children so that severe actions may not be taken against her but be given appropriate services as outlined by White (2015).


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