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Laws can be made in two ways, by court decision and by statute. Why are both methods needed?

Legal systems are necessary when it comes to controlling social order. Laws are meant to deal with offenses by which they are as control systems for minimizing crimes. The laws made in courts mostly emanate from judges while statutes operate on laws made by the government. Both options are important due to the varied nature of cases. Some cases are minor in the sense that most of the offenders are not put in prison while the major crimes operate under the statutory law. Furthermore, courts allow flexibility in the passing lout of new laws that facilitate nee changes (McNutt, 2016).

What are the implications of Americas incarceration rate for social justice?

The United States is viewed to have the highest number of people who are incarcerated from a global perspective and hence a public concern. The nation also has the largest number of women who are incarcerated (McNutt, 2016). When compared to the other races in the U.S., a majority of the prisoners belong to the African American community. It is perceived that the high rate raises questions regarding the social justice system. Other concerns include the associated costs and resources. In regards to social justice, the associated implication include the physical costs of offenses. The costs include injury and death which may affect an individual or the entire society (a single murder costing about 17.5 billion dollars). It is perceived that the rate of violent and property crimes have reduced over the past few years with the number of people in prisons being among the contributing factors (McNutt, 2016).

How can better social welfare services lead to lower crime?

According to the liberal theory, individual characteristics and the environment determine whether an individual will take part in criminal activities or not. The view is that disorganization in the society and the failure of norms that guide good conduct result in criminal behavior. Also, delinquency is associated with limitations present in the desire for achievement (McNutt, 2016). When the proper avenues that provide people with the opportunity to engage in good conduct are blocked, crime becomes the next option. Furthermore, people tend to be labeled by the system such that they engage in misconduct to align with the label. The view is that when adequate systems are in place that promotes good conduct and eliminates obstacles that prevent people from achieving their goals, then crime would lower. Having better social services is among the adequate systems that promote good conduct and eliminate labeling (McNutt, 2016).

What are the implications of globalization for crime and punishment in America?

Globalization is viewed to influence the nature of crime especially with the advancements in technology. Globalization has made it possible for the U.S. to consider how other countries deal with criminal activities such that it has changed some of its policies regarding crime and punishment (McNutt, 2016).

What new crimes has the growth of the information society created?

Some of the crimes present in the information society include identity theft, hacking of databases and cyber terrorism. Technology has made individuals who are tech savvies to be tempted to engage in crime. The combination of globalization and technology has created a platform where people such as terrorists, cyber attackers, human traffickers and criminal institutions operate quite easily (McNutt, 2016).

What changes need to be made to current laws to address these types of crimes?

It is perceived that changes on the society affect various areas including the criminal justice system. The law has to align with the changes taking place in the society such that there are rules that determine how new forms of crimes can be treated. The law must be flexible to incorporate any new change without presenting the need for a great law making process (McNutt, 2016).

Can new tools help deal with emerging criminal justice problems? Explain.

It is important for innovation activities to be present in the criminal justice systems. New tools may assist in dealing with new problems that the old tools lack the ability to facilitate. The law has to be flexible to enable the integration of the new tools (McNutt, 2016).


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